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Shanghai Garden

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Pipera-Tunari 2B, Cartier Pipera, București
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SHANGHAI GARDEN este un restaurant cu specific chinezesc care va ofera in fiecare zi mancaruri traditionale chinezesti si specialitatea zilei (cu preparate deosebite din bucataria chinezeasca), atat in incinta restaurantului cit si la dumneavoastra acasa sau la birou.

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4,3 / 1 vot
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F Florinel
17 august 2019 20:16 Rezervat în data de 17 august 2019

10 decembrie 2019 10:56

I have been to this restaurant many times and every time I go it still amazes me of how good the food is. The dishes are full of wonderful tastes and the variety of them is incredible, from savoury to sweet! The environment is extremely welcoming and pleasant as well. The waiters will always be there when needed and while you are waiting for your food you can listen to the soft traditional Chinese music playing in the background! I highly recommend this restaurant!
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27 decembrie 2019 01:30

Very good food but when we went there it was very crowded, it took more than half an hour to have our order taken after I had brought the menus myself and been constantly checking on them to see when they were going to take our order. The Chinese lady who seemed to be the manager wasn't really rude with me but she wasn't polite either. I went to her and told her that we've been waiting to order for half an hour. She didn't seem bothered by what I said and carried on taking on her phone. Hadn't the food been so delicious I would have rated this place one star for the customer service experience.
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19 ianuarie 2020 12:47

Quite authentic Chinese food, suitable place for bigger events or business dinners and they also have in their offer nice local wine.
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28 ianuarie 2020 21:20

Best chinese food in Bucharest. The staff is very friendly and it is a nice place to go especially in the summer. The prices are ok.
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14 iulie 2019 08:07

Very good Chinese food ! And not very expensive. I highly recommend this restaurant. A few kilometres from downtown, but it's worth a visit.
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