Shanghai Garden

Pipera-Tunari 2B, Pipera, București

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SHANGHAI GARDEN este un restaurant cu specific chinezesc care va ofera in fiecare zi mancaruri traditionale chinezesti si specialitatea zilei (cu preparate deosebite din bucataria chinezeasca), atat in incinta restaurantului cit si la dumneavoastra acasa sau la birou.

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Mihai Munteanu
29 iulie 2017 19:25

Waiting time quite long , food not so good. They really use too much oil .
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Tudor Opris
8 octombrie 2017 13:52

Best chinese food in Bucharest.
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Dorin V. Draghici
17 decembrie 2016 14:13

Waited 1h for a planned delivery (picked up at 22:15 instead of 21:15). Very poor staff and service in general, but good food! Will you accept the compromise?
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Derrick Loo
18 decembrie 2016 21:18

Very cosy environment, have the China feel. Serve fantastic good food. Wide Chinese food variety. Clean. Highly recommended.
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Apostolescu Sebastian
8 martie 2017 22:30

The food is really good, but there are problems regarding delaying the order, there were some problems in the kitchen and they started to fight and that could be heard easily from the restaurant. It was an unpleasant experience although the food is really really tasty.
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