Shanghai Garden

Pipera-Tunari 2B, București

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SHANGHAI GARDEN este un restaurant cu specific chinezesc care va ofera in fiecare zi mancaruri traditionale chinezesti si specialitatea zilei (cu preparate deosebite din bucataria chinezeasca), atat in incinta restaurantului cit si la dumneavoastra acasa sau la birou.

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Raynor Li
9 martie 2019 23:33

Fit to my taste. Nice place. Nearly authentic. Recommend.
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Jeonga Han
21 ianuarie 2019 13:09

One of colleges were sick due to food poisoning after eating sweet and sour pork last year november. In same day kids vomited all of fried rice they ate in this restaurant. Needed to monitor sanitation. I wouldn't recommend food here at least for kids.
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Dayana Yermekbayeva
7 mai 2019 22:11

We loved the food there
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Will Bin
2 februarie 2019 13:57

Good Chinese good. Sometimes very slow and sometimes forget order, so I only get takeout
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Adrian Asem
21 ianuarie 2019 11:21

One of the greatest chinese restaurants in Bucharest!
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