Brasserie 41

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Strada Erou Iancu Nicolae 41, Cartier Pipera, București

Brasserie 41

4,8 / 5 voturi
Preț Moderat
Strada Erou Iancu Nicolae 41, Cartier Pipera, București
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La noi, viata are savoare! Iubim ingredientele naturale, proaspete, provenite din surse locale si selectionate atent, astfel incat sa iti oferim cele mai delicioase experiente culinare. Meniul nostru, realizat cu iscusinta de catre Chef Sorin Bontea, include o varietate de preparate, de la paste, salate, burgeri si deserturi speciale, numai bune de savurat in orice moment al zilei. Pentru ca nu exista dragoste mai sincera decat dragostea pentru mancare!

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4,8 / 5 voturi
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A Adriana
16 iunie 2022 21:22 Rezervat în data de 16 iunie 2022

Servirea a fost tare faină, iar atmosfera şi oamenii plăcuți şi amabili.

M Marius
21 martie 2022 22:36 Rezervat în data de 21 martie 2022

G George
11 februarie 2022 23:07 Rezervat în data de 11 februarie 2022

A Anonim
24 iulie 2021 17:10 Rezervat în data de 24 iulie 2021

T Taina
18 iulie 2020 20:42 Rezervat în data de 18 iulie 2020

16 decembrie 2023 12:44

I wanted to go there for quite a long time so on 16.12 I decided to have a breakfast there. When I arrived, I had to wait exactly 7 minutes and literally stare at the waiters and waitresses so they would notice me. There were only 3 families and 4 staff members. So that was a bad beginning. Then finally a waiter came to us and he just gave us a menu without even greeting us and apologizing for a delay. I had to say good morning first and he just smiled and walked away. I wish I remembered his name so you could educate him with some good manners for his kind of job. Noticeably, all of them were very nice to other clients. So that was the last drop and we just decided to leave. Not recommended at all, I wish I chose another place.
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25 februarie 2023 16:38

As we had already had lunch we only stopped here for some dessert. Both puddings were absolutely delicious. It'd be fair to say that they served the best Tiramisu I've ever been offered in a restaurant-that's because it was light and not too sweet. The other cake was also really nice-you could actually taste the berries inside unlike other desserts which are too sweet or contain too much cream or chocolate. We plan to come back to try out the food. The place is not too expensive either so that's a plus.The service was quick and the staff was friendly.
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10 aprilie 2022 14:56

Exceptional location, with very nice brunch!

Main catalog with interesting options covering european - american as well as asian popular dishes.

Child friendly environment with a variety of toys, coloring and fairy tale books to choose from.

Every time we visit the place with our 3,5 years old daughter is a pleasure for us and her as well.
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16 decembrie 2023 13:19

Came in for breakfast, 4 waiters, no one is greeting us at the entrance, waited for menu being brought for at least 8 mins and no greetings again. Would not recommend this place to anyone, especially for the offered prices service can be at least a bit better.

Upd: service at rompetrol, omv gas stations and mcdonalds is on another level, congratulations you’ve hit a new bottom 🤣
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21 septembrie 2021 11:13

The food was nice, but I still want to test some more dishes, as they have a pretty interesting menu. I've had some Gyoza with duck and creamy chicken breast with pomodori secchi. The chicken breast was not the greatest I had, but it was ok. However, I really enjoyed the Gyoza, which is a sort of dumpling with meat inside. In a cozy atmosphere with a modern look, Braserrie 41 can be the right place to go out for any meal: dinner, lunch or even breakfast. Would try again, I had a good time here!
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