Ristorante Casale

Soseaua Gheorghe Ionescu Sisesti 236A, Vatra Nouă, București

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Vino la Ristorante Casale pentru a savura un pranz delicios si sanatos. Iti pregatim cele mai bune si mai proaspete preparate din oraș.
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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Ristorante Casale"

Adina Daca
26 februarie 2019 21:00

Went with a group of 7 people. Surprisingly good food, even for fancier dishes, for very low prices. The service was good also, prompt, good communication and all the food arrived when it was supposed to. The place was homey with some background radio. Slightly inaccessible by other means than car. I highly recommend it.
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Andrei Stanciu
10 aprilie 2019 23:17

Good food and good prices, although sometimes you have to wait a bit
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Adi Panait
2 februarie 2019 14:18

Great food - try the fish and seafood -in a non pretentious place.
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Ralph De Ocampo
6 mai 2018 19:31

An excellent Italian restaurant in the Straulesti area (close to the Metro station). There was one waitress who was fluent in English and she was great in recommending dishes to try. Very child-friendly, and quite relaxing, especially after a long day of sightseeing in Bucharest. Thanks very much!
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Mihai Banc
24 iunie 2018 15:05

Its a rustic place with fantastic food and a very respectful and responsible staff. Enjoy the food!
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