Doi Cocosi

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București-Târgoviște 8, Străulești, București

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Restaurant Doi Cocosi va ofera o larga varietate de preparate cu specific traditional romanesc: gustari reci diversificate, gustari calde, sarmalute traditionale romanesti, papanasi de casa cu smantana si dulceturi, placinta cu branza, mere si dovleac, etc.
Specialitatea restaurantului este “Pui la ceaun”, ce vine servit cu mamaliguta, mujdei, pasta de usturoi si muraturi de casa. Delicios!

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alexandramiruna calinescu
3 iunie 2018 18:10

LOSS OF TIME & MONEY! I don’t understand how people can agree modest treatment at high prices, because the place is quite popular. The food used to be good ar the begining, perhaps they join & eat from past memories, but as most restaurants do after a while, 2 Cocosi (or should I translate “two Cocks”) started to unfold bad practices, meaning bad & unsafe food AND rude personnel (probably young highschool girls graduated with diva & top model self perception who deliver bad attitude towards customers, unprepared to serve properly)! If you have self respect, you do not join second time there! Even if you are a turist, you can make a sandwich from the supermarket!
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pedro falcon
17 mai 2018 11:36

Superb food served gently. Prices a bit higher than average but you won't be disappointed.
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Corina Vasile
26 mai 2018 16:32

The retaurant is not nice, it is worth eating here only if you stay in the area ... I recommend more in the spring/summer when the terrace is open. The food is good, but not spectacular
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mihaela tasulea
11 aprilie 2018 01:59

Good services, good food. We come here very often
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Alex M
1 iunie 2017 13:45

Very good traditional food and well prepared. The staff are very nice and the place is nice and good for coming with friends or family. The music here is very good and not too loud.
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