Restaurant Barca

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Strada Iscovescu Barbu 19, Primăverii, București

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La Barca găsești cel mai divers meniu raw vegan din București!
Fie că ai ales deja o alimentație sănătoasă, fie că dorești să experimentezi bucătăria raw vegan sau vegetariană, diversitatea meniului este esențială atât din perspectiva elementelor nutritive, cât și din perspectiva combinațiilor de gusturi și arome.
Menite să îți ofere hrană vie, dar și să stimuleze simțurile, preparatele din meniul Barca demonstreză că stilul raw vegan / vegetarian nu este nici pe departe plictisitor. Dimpotrivă!
Dar nu este necesar să ne crezi pe cuvânt.
Te așteptăm să te convingi!

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D Diana
18 ianuarie 2019 17:08 Rezervat în data de 18 ianuarie 2019 prin

Just perfect!

Am mai fost la acest restaurat și a fost perfect!
Se poate comanda și pentru acasă, cu un telefon în prealabil.

David Sommer
13 noiembrie 2018 13:12

Sitting in the restaurant right now, it is amazing really, and am only on the soup right now. Amazingly relaxing atmosphere, as you walk in, you are greeted with a delicious aroma which can best be described as a potpourri of smells created using a wide range of esoteric spices. Hopefully I will be able to update later too. The staff is amazingly helpful and friendly
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Adriana Matei
2 noiembrie 2018 22:36

Awful experience. You should improve your interior design, the place looks like 20 years ago, it has nothing to do with its concept, it smells really bad inside and it needs a change asap!!! The food was old, we had an eggplant salad which tasted really funny. The waitress told us she tasted the salad and it tasted really good. She insinuated it was my problem. But of course it wasn’t. Both me and my boyfriend tasted it and we couldn’t eat it. I don’t recommend the place even though in Bucharest it is hard to find a completely vegan place. But I still wouldn’t recommend it!!! NEVER!!!
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Pini Vaknine
10 august 2018 21:40

Amazing experience. Owner is very knowledgeable and helped us with ordering. We expected it to be okay at best but it was phenomenal.
The appetizer platter is a great start, from there on there are no wrong choices. Everything we ate was great. Chocolate dessert with tea to finish.
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Simona Toader
5 octombrie 2018 22:16

Excellent service, the staff was very well informed about all the dishes from the menu. The food is delicious, if you miss steaks, you can find a vegan version here that is amazing. I enjoyed everything I’ve tried so far.
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Xaver W.
12 septembrie 2018 05:58

The food, first of all, is freshly made and super tasty. The staff is accomodating, helpful and well informed when it comes to order questions.
The atmosphere is a little high-classy but they treat you well, no matter if you're a suit-wearer or a backpacker. That's a rare thing!
The prices are cheap considering the quality and kind of the food
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