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Rawdia nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro.
Strada Puțul lui Zamfir 50-52, Floreasca, București


5,0 / 4 voturi
Strada Puțul lui Zamfir 50-52, Floreasca, București
Rawdia nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro.

rawdia este un restaurant şi magazin vegetarian şi raw-vegan unde găseşti atât preparate şi ingrediente predominant raw-vegane cât şi prieteni care împărtăşesc cu tine aceleaşi convingeri despre un mod de viaţă sănătos şi curat. In galantar te aşteaptă, pline de vitalitate, preparate de hrană vie şi superfoods, specialităţi din pâine dospită cu maia, pâinici raw, gustări, creme, pate-uri, supe, salate, deserturi şi sucuri&smoothies, toate super delicioase.

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Luni - Vineri
09:00 - 19:00
12:00 - 17:00


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5,0 / 4 voturi
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D Dan
22 aprilie 2022 17:41 Rezervat în data de 22 aprilie 2022

Rezervare obligatorie. Mâncare bună, ingrediente de calitate.

R Raluca
3 august 2019 17:47 Rezervat în data de 3 august 2019

A Ana
23 iulie 2019 20:44 Rezervat în data de 23 iulie 2019

A Adriana
20 aprilie 2019 17:26 Rezervat în data de 20 aprilie 2019

14 august 2023 22:19

This is not just a place where you can eat healthy, this is a place where your food tastes great, looks great and it is also healthy. Went there for brunch. Decided to pick something from the regular menu buuuut, I will go back for their very popular Menu of the day. The only complaint that I have is regarding the size of the main dish; being a "main" would have loved to have more on the plate.
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16 mai 2023 14:18

This restaurat is a must if you are visiting or it can even be one of your regular options.
The place is cozy inside with a cute terrace, the staff is always attentive and the order is not taking long to be served. The food is absolutely delicious (spaghetti with white souce / proteic wrap / chocolate cake with sour-cherry) with a good variety at the right prices. The prices of the desserts could be slightly lower.
They even have a day-to-day menu.
Also they are having a TV, showing you how to prepare their recipes.
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31 octombrie 2023 13:02

Heaven for Vegan's.
Healthy and tasty food. Really enjoyed the place. Very recommend!
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25 ianuarie 2023 13:54

A delicious serving of raw and vegan food in a bright, airy, and inviting cafe. The mushroom pie (looks like a savory galette) was subtly seasoned, to allow the mushrooms shine. The squash patties were accompanied by a tzatiki made with half-cucumber slice, a choice that seemed odd originally, but the freshness of the cucumber was acting as a counterpoint to the crackers. I was told the raw beet soup was excellent. We finished with the "strawberry cake" where the strawberry must have been lost in translation, as what we received was more of a raw cheesecake with pomegranate arils and frozen blueberries - subtly sweet and tart and umami - we forgot all about strawberries!
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24 ianuarie 2020 23:32

Great little vegan restaurant in the "fancy" part of the town. Interestingly enough, the place tells a story full of heart and the food is as tasty as it is healthy. And it doesn't even cost that much. I like the honesty here and the commitment to tasty dishes that are also good for you. It's so easy nowadays to serve "burger and fries" and call it a gourmet meal. I think this place deserves some praise for daring to go another route and prove there's quality and taste in (raw) vegan foods. Totally recommend, even if you are a meat lover. Book it, check it out, spread their story.
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