Que Pasa [închis permanent]

Praporgescu 13, Universitate, București

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Que Pasa nu acceptă rezervări

Ce se intampla in Que pasa? Se asculta muzica buna (numitor comun: rock; perioada acoperita: '60 - contemporaneitate). Se bea (bere 4,5 - 9 lei, cocktailuri - 13 lei, vin ~25 lei). Se cunoaste toata lumea.

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Luni - Duminică
15:00 - 02:00


Păreri despre "Que Pasa"

Cristiana Zebra
14 mai 2018 08:26

A great transformation of the old place, woth a new crowd and beaitiful terrace in the heart of the city
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Marina Gheorghe
1 iunie 2018 16:54

Great people, great place! Highly recommend it.
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Anca Dumitru
8 aprilie 2018 11:37

Enclosed terrace for smokers could be open when summer comes... good cider, though!
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Bogdan Raileanu
23 decembrie 2017 00:00

Some things still work in Romania. Que Pasa is one of them. We, romanians have a saying: the people make the place holy. No wonder some call the pub Holy Que Pasa.
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Andreea Lacriceanu
21 noiembrie 2017 00:06

Really liked the woody interior. Cosy in an Irish like style. Good rock music, but maybe a little too loud.
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