Princess Club

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Strada Constantin Ghercu 16-22, Regie, București
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Princess Club, de 10 ani locatia cu distractia din Bucuresti! In fiecare saptamana, de joi pana sambata, cele mai tari petreceri doar la Princess Club!

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Luni - Miercuri
23:00 - 05:00
Vineri - Duminică


Păreri despre "Princess Club"

Alex GxG Nãstase
24 martie 2019 15:40

The club itself provides a nice experience but the prices are way too high
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15 noiembrie 2018 08:23

It is ok, good music(also if you like talking to someone really close and not being able to hear it is fantastic) but it is kinda expensive, a couch to sit on is 200 rons(~42€) or 100 rons(~21€) for the ones in the back,where the dj plays, the minimum you can pay for a drink is 15 rons(~3€) and that is a bottle of water, and not to forget the entrance itself which I don't know how much it is. But overall a nice place to go hang out with some mates, enjoying a nightclub atmosphere.
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True OpiNION
29 martie 2018 15:24

Great show. Sexy but elegant.
A place for La creme de La creme of society.

Be dresses nicely, or u feel oit of space.
Great selection of drinks and cocktails.

All ages are found in this club.

Music rocks all the night.
U don't feel the morning until u leave the club. Time is spent with joy....
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Ionut Mihalcea
9 martie 2019 13:30

Best club ever
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Ciprian Sebestyen
20 septembrie 2018 15:53

Good music and nice atmosphere.
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