Pomo D'Oro Vesuvio

Soseaua Nordului 9, București

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Pizza Gourmet® is Napoli’s pizza upgraded to another level without forgetting
tradition and influenced by high cuisine.

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Luni - Duminică
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Păreri despre "Pomo D'Oro Vesuvio"

23 iulie 2017 12:59

Food and location are amazing, high quality for the right price. We had salads with salmon, grilled calamari, plain pizza and the perfect espresso.
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Azure Angel
6 iunie 2017 08:31

The restaurant is ok, the prices are not. Nice people. Not a lot of food variety.
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Mircea Badiu
17 decembrie 2016 23:12

I had high hopes coming here. Unfortunately they were too high. Pizza was ok but nothing special, and probably the most expensive one I had in Bucharest (~50 lei).
The place looks quite good but it gets really cold in the winter with all the windows. We left right after eating. Probably won't visit again.
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Tudor Cristian Mărăşescu
27 noiembrie 2016 10:44

Overrated. Way too overrated.

Apart from the location and interior design, it's a clear "never again" for us.

Pasta (aop) was average, at most. Not even really al dente.

Pizza is lowsy and far off from an Italian pizza. The dough was thick as an American pizza dough, and chewy. Taste wise: covered with too much meat (prosciutto crudo) and off balance.
The chef struggled too much to transform something simple and easy into something over-complicated only to impress but spoiled the essence of a good pizza: thin and tender dough, crunchy on the sides with few fresh high quality ingredients.

And way too expensive for such a culinary experience 55lei for a lowsy pizza :))
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Alina Nicolae
24 decembrie 2016 13:32

Very nice food, with good wine selection. Perfect place for a romantic dinner.
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