Pizza Hut Cotroceni

Bulevardul Vasile Milea 4, Militari, București

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Pizza Hut Cotroceni este un restaurant localizat la adresa Bulevardul Vasile Milea numărul 4. Deschis de Luni până Vineri între orele 10:00 - 00:00, cu excepția zilei de Duminică când te așteptăm între orele 10:00 - 00:00 și a zilei de Sâmbătă când te așteptăm între orele 10:00 - 01:00.

La Pizza Hut Cotroceni te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific american.

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 00:00
10:00 - 01:00
10:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "Pizza Hut Cotroceni"

Andrei-Ioan Valimareanu
1 iulie 2017 12:36

Pretty nice offers and has a great view. The pizza is great and comes fast. Kind customers and a clean place overall.
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bob moss
26 iulie 2017 00:33

The employees could really look for some motivation, and reason to smile......
Also where do they hide when you need them?
Is it really hard for them to use enough ingredients to get closer to the crust?
I have never seen so much crust, and lack of ingredients.......
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Irfan Smajevic
4 mai 2017 18:17

It took them quite a while to even come take our orders, and then we had to wait ages for them to bring our food. This is everything except fast food.
However, I did like their burger.
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12 martie 2017 13:16

Worst place to eat in AFI.
1. Takes 15+min to take your order(if you're lucky)
2. Waiters are always bored and angry if you ask them for anything(like they're doing me a favor)
3. We actually had a piece of small hair in our pizza.

Worst place! Avoid it and eat ANYWHERE else!
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Bogdan Versus
19 mai 2017 18:56

Best pizza! Totally love it!
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