Pizza Hut Cotroceni

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Bulevardul Vasile Milea 4, Politehnica, București
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Păreri despre "Pizza Hut Cotroceni"

Loredana Carmen
31 august 2019 15:32

Good pizza and that's about it. There's a bit of time waiting for your order to be taken and also for the food to come to the table. Don't recommend the cocktails.
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Roxana Nicolescu
12 august 2019 09:24

The service depends a lot on the staff. It happend to wait 10 minutes or so to receive the menu, and someone who arrived after us was served before. When we complained, the waitress was not polite with us by saing that the restaurant serves the people who came first. And that was the moment when we left. The food in general is good except for the grilled chicken which is not grilled, is more cooked in oil.
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Alex Bubu
16 iunie 2019 08:58

It is a clean pizzeria! The staff is very friendly, the menu has lots of different types of food, and the food itself is very good! I consider the pizzaz here the best in town! You should really go eat there!
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Ibragim Buraev
20 septembrie 2019 13:12

Very slow service even though the restaurant was half empty, cooking and serving of 4 small pizzas took 1 hr, this is insane... International franchise, but so poor management. Awful
We could not wait any more and just left.
Don't waste your time!
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Doditoiu Cristian
17 septembrie 2019 20:14

Most of the times the pizza here is great, but there are some times when the pizza is not that good
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