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Strada Luterana 3, Victoriei, București

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Remember all those boys & girls from northern Italy, with their untamed lust for the American culture? With all their fancy & colourful clothes, those Timberland boots, Levi’s jeans & Top Gun wannabe jackets? Could you imagine the nowadays version of the Paninari, not in Milan but in Bucharest?
Well… Here we are with a sincere local food with an Italian twist. Rediscover that vibe by tasting the panino variety or you could go instead for our mama’s choice of the week, which is LITERALLY made by THE MAMA.
Almost forgot… if you want to feel the whole Paninaro experience, try the food along with an honest pint of beer or with a glass of fine Romanian or Italian wine. Be part of the Paninaro revival in Bucharest.

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4,5 / 3 voturi
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C Cristiana
4 august 2020 16:24 Rezervat în data de 4 august 2020

C Corina
16 iulie 2020 15:35 Rezervat în data de 16 iulie 2020

D Doina
3 martie 2020 19:10 Rezervat în data de 3 martie 2020

orice vă face cu ochiul din meniu - e o ideea bună! încercați-le pe toate dacă puteți, sau - dacă nu puteți - luați-le pe rând.
toate lângă un pahar de prosecco (desigur), săracilor!

26 iulie 2020 21:50

Great breakfast, fast service. Romanian cuisine with a twist.. or two.
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19 mai 2020 03:39

Had a few great brunches here. Not the cheapest spot but the quality is good and the service is friendly. Looks like they have expanded the menu even further since I last visited!
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21 iunie 2020 18:11

If you come in Bucharest this is one of the places you have to go for a meal.
Always prepared with taste, the quality of the ingredients is simply incredible and the service is top-notch!
Try it for yourself you won’t be disappointed!
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11 august 2020 11:13

One of the most delicious food places in town!
The hummus is fantastic and the salads always fresh and the right portion!
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26 iulie 2020 17:22

Honestly, I cannot recommend this place enough. It serves a romanian kind of brunch which has an incredible homey food kind of feeling. If you are here you have to try the picioci which are incredible. I recommend it both for locals but also if you are only in the area for a few days.
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