Orașul Interzis

Vasile Lascăr 98B, Moșilor, București

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Frank Delarocha
17 februarie 2017 19:29

I went to dinner here based on reviews given on Google upon sitting down and eating the food I can honestly say Google reviews has failed me! The rice I ordered was undercooked to begin with the food was bland with little to no flavor. Yes the atmosphere is quiet but that's all the positive I can say. I didn't finish my meal, and now I have a stomach ache and I'm still hungry... Meh
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Radu Tabacaru
26 ianuarie 2017 19:28

Nice and quiet. Very tasty food, good serving. Decent prices
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Shaun Williams
26 ianuarie 2017 23:42

Decent food, but overpriced (about 40 RON for most entrees). Service was relatively attentive and the food arrived quickly. The terrible elevator music negated the tasteful decor.
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Ioana Dinu
8 martie 2017 07:58

The food is not great, but os very expensive.
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14 noiembrie 2016 19:11

Intimacy, food, people
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