Nan Jing

Gheorghe Manu 2-4, Victoriei, București

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Restaurantul Nan Jing este atat primul cat si cel mai faimos restaurant chinezesc din Bucuresti, recunoscut atat pentru atmosfera distinsa, cat si pentru calitatea ireprosabila si prezentarea preparatelor.

Restaurantul reuseste de peste 25 de ani sa se mentina in topul preferintelor clientilor prin calitatea si prospetimea preparatelor, prin atentia deosebita acordata celor trei elemente ale bucatariei chinezesti: gust, aroma si culoare, perfect imbinate cu prezentarea originala.

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12:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Nan Jing"

Cosmin C.
26 iunie 2018 21:54

Standard Chinese food. Nothing impressive. Fair service. Medium prices.
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18 iunie 2018 14:29

Food was fresh, but not tasty, very, very little portion - 2/5. Service (quick and nice) and rest of restaurant (clean and nice) - 5/5. All together 3/5.
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Philly McNally
21 ianuarie 2018 14:53

Terrible service!! I came with a group of friends on a weeknight, the place was empty but supposedly they serve the best Chinese food in Bucharest. When we tried to call a waiter to order, one finally looked at us and yelled out "Wait!" When ordering we tried to make jokes but he just glared at us. The food was OK but nothing to shout about, the sweet and sour pork ribs were a salty and the char siu came only after we finished our meal. When we paid the bill and left a generous tip, we were finally greeted with smiles! Never going there again!
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Rodica Nadolu
6 martie 2018 18:25

Nice and cozy! Good -very good food! 😊And nice people to take care of you!
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Liv Iboder
13 iunie 2018 23:33

Food is good but they can make it better
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