Nan Jing

Gheorghe Manu 2-4, Victoriei, București

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Restaurantul Nan Jing este atat primul cat si cel mai faimos restaurant chinezesc din Bucuresti, recunoscut atat pentru atmosfera distinsa, cat si pentru calitatea ireprosabila si prezentarea preparatelor.

Restaurantul reuseste de peste 25 de ani sa se mentina in topul preferintelor clientilor prin calitatea si prospetimea preparatelor, prin atentia deosebita acordata celor trei elemente ale bucatariei chinezesti: gust, aroma si culoare, perfect imbinate cu prezentarea originala.

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Păreri despre "Nan Jing"

Panama DG
3 decembrie 2017 20:22

Ordered food home - portions were tiny, maximum 150g for main course! And not even tasty, which is the worst part. Called the restaurant and manager confirmed that they have very small portions, all at around 180g. For the main course!!! And than manager asked me whether it was our first order and when I confirmed, he said he wishes it was our last order. wow! and I wasn't rude or anything. Stay away from this horrible place if you want to enjoy your evening and eat good Chinese food!
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Daniel Alexandru Coman
2 noiembrie 2017 10:10

Horrible. Tourist trap. Food seems expired, tasteless at best. We had two kind of soups, mostly water with some bits in it, the ant hill - uneatable and a bit off, one solid piece fused together like it got made several days ago and microwaved before serving, finished with the mixed platter appetizer - all bits tasted like several days old. Staff shouts and badmouths clients openly. Big WARNING! As bad as they are they have the guts to put a 10% in your bill!!! First time I've seen it in Bucharest.
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Huw Thomas
28 decembrie 2017 16:57

Poor quality food with rude staff. Unsatisfied.
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Paris France
3 decembrie 2017 20:11

Horrible! Stay away - portions are tiny, not very tasty and extremely rude staff, including manager. Told us that if its the first time and we are not happy - than he hopes that its our last time. Would not recommend this place to anyone! Save your nerves and time and go eat somewhere else - trust me - you won't miss this place!
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Mugur Varzariu
29 decembrie 2017 12:21

I ve been eating here for 40 years. decent food but old mentalities...
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