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Bulevardul Nicolae Grigorescu 5D, Muncii, București

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Micut, cu o atmosfera placuta, restaurantul Mignon s-a extins devenind un spatiu polivalent, in functie de evenimentele si preferintele vizitatorilor.

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Păreri despre "Mignon"

Dom Xem
2 noiembrie 2018 18:32

Fair prices, polite and friendly service. Food is great. Nice places indoors with an ample bar. Places outdoors too (under roof). Downsides: no local beer and ask before if they take credit cards, we had problems when one in the group said he wanted to pay cash and the restaurant did not want to accept the credit card any longer
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Sorin Tata
30 iulie 2018 16:33

Nothing fancy. Nice food, decent drinks variety, not too expensive. The big downside is that it is near a very crowded road.
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Brandusa Aurelia Toncu
13 octombrie 2018 16:56

Relative new place but good quality and very enjoyable
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23 octombrie 2018 07:59

Our favorite place to have dinner into our neighborhood. They have some very tasty food and the employees are very polite.
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Andrei Moldoveanu
25 octombrie 2018 16:44

Great place great food very good prices
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