MEZE Taverna

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Strada Nicolae Tonitza 6 6, Centrul Vechi, București

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Un restaurant cu specific grecesc cum nu există altul! Vă invităm la o călătorie culinară și nu numai prin Grecia.

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Luni - Marți
Miercuri - Duminică
12:00 - 02:00


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H Horia
18 octombrie 2017 10:30 Rezervat în data de 17 octombrie 2017 prin

Atmosfera placuta fara multa inghesuiala. Marti seara cand am fost era o masa ocupata in local. Restul erau pe terasa profitand de ultimele zile mai calde. Chelnerul care ne-a servit a fost foarte simpatic si receptiv la cererile noastre. Mancarea a fost buna dar nu exceptionala. Mi-a placut mult KALAMARI TIGANITOS. O experienta placuta.

Gregory Bard
16 iunie 2018 14:19

Great Greek food, rather tasty but not too heavy. Very authentic with a large diverse menu. The wine list is very reasonably priced. They are open until midnight, which is useful. Unfortunately, the service was very inattentive, but we suspect this was only because of the lateness of the hour. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a very cute cat.
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B Rasmussen
12 mai 2018 19:18

A very nice Greek restaurant, which we have visited several times, but never rated. They definitely deserve the 5 stars as dining places, the food, the service and the restroom facilities are in top. It is not something you find everywhere as a tourist in Romania. Worth visiting!
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Tim Judah
4 iunie 2018 18:45

Disappointing. Ordered Humus which was bad and Taramsalata. Two big dishes arrived and the waiter looked genuinely puzzled as to why I should want bread too. I think he expected me to eat them with a knife and fork. For dessert I had a supposedly orchid-flavoured ice cream but it did not taste of much. I suspect they rely a lot on foreign tourists looking for something familiar and so are complacent and don't rely on locals and hence need to keep up standards.
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True OpiNION
20 iunie 2018 00:44

Greek taste in the heart of Buchareat.
Large mezze selections (tapas) with authentic Greece food and drinks.
Also get the occasion to be there when they have live music, it adds to the mood and takes you for a voyage to Greece while you are still in Bucharest

Thumbs up
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Carmen I.
21 iunie 2018 10:41

It was kinda expensive for what I actually received. I had a fava bean hummus and it had no taste and the size of the portion was little for that price. Their chocolate cake was delicious but verry expensive for the quality of it.
The waiters had no mood to serve us, and they even took a 10 minutr break while we were standing with our empty plates in front of us.
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