MEZE Taverna

Strada Nicolae Tonitza 6 6, Centrul Vechi, București

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Un restaurant cu specific grecesc cum nu există altul! Vă invităm la o călătorie culinară și nu numai prin Grecia.

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H Horia
18 octombrie 2017 10:30 Rezervat în data de 17 octombrie 2017 prin

Atmosfera placuta fara multa inghesuiala. Marti seara cand am fost era o masa ocupata in local. Restul erau pe terasa profitand de ultimele zile mai calde. Chelnerul care ne-a servit a fost foarte simpatic si receptiv la cererile noastre. Mancarea a fost buna dar nu exceptionala. Mi-a placut mult KALAMARI TIGANITOS. O experienta placuta.

Dan Manolita
7 iunie 2017 18:17

In my opinion of the best places in town. Very good and fresh sea food, bought from Salonic market. So yes, it's the real deal! An authentic Greek restaurant. Very nice staff and very fast service.
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Claudia Dinu
21 iulie 2017 00:22

I ate there like three different times and the food was always delicious. You should definitely try the pork souvlaki with tzatziki on the side.

Later edit: they downsized the servings.
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Roberto Patrascoiu
24 iunie 2017 23:48

Very very bad serving. In 40 minutes we ordered three times and nobody seemed to care about us. They didn't even manage to bring the drinks. Extremely rude
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Andrei Antonescu
28 noiembrie 2017 20:55

Tried making a reservation, they don’t even bother answering the phone.
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Tycho Muiser
9 august 2017 00:39

We made a reservation. The waiter came to take our order. One hour later another waiter came after we asked him to be sure the order was okay. It turned out to be wrong. We decided after more than two hours to just pay the beers and leave them with whatever order they wrote. No go!!
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