Mesogios [închis permanent]

Jean-Louis Calderon 49, Ştefan cel Mare, București

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Pasionati de savoarea bucatariei simple si ingredientelor proaspete.

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Fabricio Braga
14 februarie 2017 22:45

Fresh, good quality food. Service was ok too. But I found it weird they don't have a food menu to bring to the table (only drinks menu) - we had to stand nearby the entrance to make our choices from a menu written on the wall. Also, all wine bottles are at least twice more expensive then the main dishes.
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Alexandru Copot
21 mai 2016 13:43

Great seafood. Waiters not so much. Sometimes the chef are on drugs I think cause the food is terrible. Sometimes it's great.
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Nicolae Lucian Dumitru
29 martie 2016 22:41

Good greek and seafood. However, the prices are too high for the offering and the serving is not so good. They wanted us to pay for lemons for the fish we ordered. Additionally, the location really needs a renovation and new furniture.
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Tudor Cristian Mărăşescu
5 mai 2016 00:13

I am a bit dissappointed by Messogios this time.
The octopus was chewy and the fish (sculpin/ scorpion fish) was tasteless. Seriously how can you make sculpin to be tasteless?

The shrimps with butter sauce are their best dish still.

But price / quality this time was not good.
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Petru Nechita
24 iulie 2016 13:45

Been there. Great Mediterranean food. Go!
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