Mazzaj caffe

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Splaiul Unirii 162, Tineretului, București

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Amer Sarraj
17 februarie 2019 22:49

The shisha is not that much great , i asked for a grape and gave me a different one . No plastic pipes
The atmosphere is medium.
The waiter their were very rude and un polite when i wanted to pay . My credit card didn’t work there for unknown reason !
She refused to take cash since i said i will pay by card . She kept trying for than 6 times !
At the end she became very angry and hit the table strongly. They know nothing about the customer service how it should be !!!

I am sure now they will reply back to this review and say are you sure you came to this place !
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Mihai Banc
20 noiembrie 2018 20:43

The food is amazing and the hookah ten fold. Be calm with the staff as the restaurant hires imigrants. They teach them the menu so they can take your order, but might be lost in small talk.
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Cezar Dumitrescu
1 februarie 2019 07:19

Would recommend for a shisha, good turkish coffee and pomegranate juice. It retains some of the original Oriental vibe.
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Cristina Voinea
6 ianuarie 2019 23:22

Very good shisha!! Try the one with orange juice. Nice atmosphere 😍
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Adnan Al issa
12 februarie 2019 22:47

Nargela is OK.. The staff are hmm hmm place is not clean at all
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