Mahalaua Caramidarilor

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Strada Caramidarii de Jos 14, Tineretului, București
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Mahalaua Caramidarilor din Bucuresti este atestata documentar din anul 1668. Oamenii care locuiau in acest tinut se ocupau cu fabricarea caramizilor, fiind cunoscut faptul ca aici s-au fabricat caramizile pentru constructia caselor si a palatelor din Bucuresti. Astazi, in locul unde a fost Mahalaua Caramidarilor, este cartierul Tineretului.

Imobilul in care se va deschide restaurantul, este construit in anul 1939 din caramida 100% autentica, o parte din aceasta caramida este pastrata si expusa in interior.

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Ana Cuatu
27 martie 2019 06:14

Onion rings 🤤. The entire menu actually. When summer comes, you can stay on the terrace and enjoy the warm weather. I enjoy going there.
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Ionut-Ghiocel Neagu
16 februarie 2019 09:17

Awesome place! The food is great, the staff is friendly and the place has a cozy feeling to it. It's my number one place to go whenever I feel like meeting with my friends or if I just want something good to eat
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Matei Zamfirescu
11 februarie 2019 11:08

Place is cozy and authentic. Can't vouch for the whole menu as I only had a salad, but the prices are ok and it's quite varied. Deffinetly worth a try.
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Catalin Dobre
11 martie 2019 18:40

Good food, a bit quite long waiting time.
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Bogdan Cornea
20 octombrie 2018 21:08

Extremely slow service. Saturday night with only 2 tables to cook for, we had to wait 1 hour for 1 salad and 1 tartar beef. After they served the tartar they made us wait 10 more minutes for the French fries that came with the beef. In the end they said they had a lot of order for catering. So, if you go to this place you have to wait for all the orders that were made previously by call from people who wait at home. This was the waitress explanation who asked multiple times: did you understand? Of course I understood, next time I will go to another place.
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