Luna Cafe & Bistro

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Viitorului 32, Armenească, București
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Am creat Luna Cafe & Bistro dorind ca în fiecare colț al locației să se regăsească sentimentul de calm şi de serenitate imprimat de Lună.

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V Victor
12 august 2019 13:28 Rezervat în data de 11 august 2019 prin

Foarte prompt si saritor personalul, client oriented.
Mancare a fost buna,.

M Madalina
12 noiembrie 2018 12:08 Rezervat în data de 9 noiembrie 2018 prin

Am avut o seara minunata la Luna. Am fost patru persoane si toti am fost foarte multumiti de mancare si serviciu. Interiorul localului este deosebit. Vom reveni cu siguranta.

Cris Penfold
19 iulie 2019 22:24

Friendly, great food, one waiter in a great magician and will happily entertain you. Great service, nice outdoor area in the summer. I stayed nearby and came here 3 times in the same trip. Would definitely recommend and come here again.
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Diana Dragomirescu
13 septembrie 2019 14:40

I've been here for a baptize party. The food and place was great, with lovely personnel - perfect for this type of event. The terrace was still open for the public and looked really good, with good music. I will return here for sure :)
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Cristina Nastasi
19 iulie 2019 09:25

The waiters are very nice and they have good manners. I ordered a classic lemonade and it was really good. I especially liked that I ordered it unsweetened and without a straw and they carefully listened to my desires.
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Dorin Paul
10 septembrie 2019 10:56

A turn of the century family house turned, with little damage and expense, into a classy restaurant. Perfect for a family wedding
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Anistoroae Dragos
10 iulie 2019 07:45

Very nice place, they have a wide variety of cocktails that you can choose from.
The food is very good and they provide excellent service.
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