Luna Cafe & Bistro

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Viitorului 32, Moşilor, București

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Am creat Luna Cafe & Bistro dorind ca în fiecare colț al locației să se regăsească sentimentul de calm şi de serenitate imprimat de Lună.

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M Madalina
12 noiembrie 2018 12:08 Rezervat în data de 9 noiembrie 2018 prin

Am avut o seara minunata la Luna. Am fost patru persoane si toti am fost foarte multumiti de mancare si serviciu. Interiorul localului este deosebit. Vom reveni cu siguranta.

Maria Rizescu
29 noiembrie 2018 20:37

This is my favorite place in Bucharest to work outside the office. Food is always great, so I do not have to worry and the staff is always extra helpful. Great for corporate events as well (had a few) and definitely the place I ll have the simple, intimate wedding I always dreamed of.
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sorin ovidiu
25 august 2018 17:21

Don’t come by car ! Difficult to find parking place.
Location interesting, a bit bizarre... an old house slightly renovated with nice terrace outside, but the interior smells like old...
Need some deep cleaning inside,to give the appropriate shine of the walls and furniture.
Staff nice and friendly; food on average and prices same. Overall a good experience, but I am sure that I will not come back again, is not on my preferred neighborhood .
I consider that the management did a good job and wish them to have a good business.
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27 noiembrie 2018 13:10

One of the best places in town considering food, location and service quality. The house hosting this place is just beautiful so if you are looking for a great meal or just a chill drink you should definitely consider going there.
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Ramona Dorobantu
29 noiembrie 2018 17:43

If you're looking for a cozy, quiet and nice place where you can enjoy your time with friends,family or just by your own reading a book/having a good meal this is the right place! I strongly recommend it as the best place where you can hang out with friends or have a quit night with your family or a romantic one with the one you love! The place is sooo sooo beautiful and the food is very tasty and not that expensive! I highly recommend it! Thank you for your services,guys!👍👍👍❤️
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Tdk Bijuterii La Rosa
27 noiembrie 2018 13:14

Most special and delicious menu in bucharest. Cozy and warm place, nice music.. really surprising..
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