L'Incontro nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro.
Preț Moderat
Bulevardul Alexandru Obregia 19, Berceni, București


Preț Moderat
Bulevardul Alexandru Obregia 19, Berceni, București
L'Incontro nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro.

In mod constant locatiile noastre surprind, pentru cei care doresc sa guste micile placeri ale vietii, cum ar fi preparatele delicioase, cafeaua, vinurile alese si o atmosfera minunata. Locatiile noastre sunt singurele locuri unde darea in ispita este un act concis de dumneavoastra. Este nevoie de vointa libera si bun gust pentru a savura originala experienta pe care o gasiti numai in locatiile noastre. Noi promovam hedonismul, deoarece este un mod de viata! Bucuria de a simti si experimenta lucruri noi, surprind clientii nostri cu chintesenta spiritului L'Incontro Berceni & L'Incontro 1 Decembrie. Oferim pasiune, senzualitate, mister intr-un subtil omniprezent, incepand cu un gust delicios de preparate si terminandu-se cu un pahar de vin nobil.

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11:00 - 01:00
Marți - Joi
10:30 - 01:00
Vineri - Sâmbătă
10:30 - 01:30
10:30 - 01:00


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25 septembrie 2022 15:32

Average restaurant, more precisely it's a neighborhood restaurant. The food was ok, not amazing, but ok. The waiter, the blonde lady, seemed like she wanted to beat us or someone around us... any moment. No smile, no nice service, no nice attitude.
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17 martie 2018 19:20

Tried out the food here three different times. They're quick with the delivery but the food barely tastes like anything. Personally, the prices are too high for the quality and quantity of the food.
Also, they have roach traps in open view and that's kinda gross to look at while you're eating.
No music or atmosphere, feels like a train station diner more than anything.
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5 iulie 2018 19:35

I ordered from this restaurant many times, sometimes the meals were delicious, but sometimes I ask myself "who the hell is cooking?"
Today was one of those days.
I had ordered at the office, one vegetarian meal which includes some cream soup and some vegetables in Chinese dip and rice. The soup was rotten.
The real story has begun when I called to reclaim this unfortunate mistake, some lady which present itself to be the owner of the restaurant tell me the food was ok, but they added extra celery and pepper. I was trying to make her understand that the soup was rotten, but she keeps telling me that she tasted the food and it was ok.
When I asked her to send somebody to take the bowl of soup and test the taste, she told me that she doesn't care about my soup.
I never thought that a restaurant owner can be so rude and not carrying about their customers.
After this experience, I swear that I will NOT ORDER again from here and I DON'T RECOMMEND this restaurant at all.
They used to have better food and I can understand a mistake, but it seems that they are carrying only about their pockets, not the persons filling their pockets.
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9 octombrie 2018 19:58

Very good food and i think is having very good prices too. Staff is very friendly and the placeia cozy.
Now we're eating in the other restaurant L'incontro from Titan neighborhood, because we moved near to this one, and we discovered that the quality is the same.
Though, in weekends is better to call before, if you want to find an available table.
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8 iulie 2019 14:22

Ordered 3 soups. 90 mins later I receive two.

Called back to tell them they made a mistake in my order, lady apologized and said they will send the delivery guy back with the missing soup as soon as he will arrive at the restaurant.

Needless to say I never heard from them since.
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