Le Grenier à Pain

Strada Nicolae Caramfil 87, Herăstrău, București

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Aflat în plină dezvoltare, brandul Le Grenier a Pain este susţinut de o reţea internaţionala de magazine bazate pe reţete preparate doar în mod tradiţional şi pe exigenţă în ceea ce priveşte alegerea produselor folosite pentru panificaţie şi patiserie.

Le Grenier a Pain/Michel Galloyer figurează astăzi printre cele mai dinamice şi cele mai recunoscute branduri din sectorul său.

Conceptul are avantajul de a oferi produse de consum preparate și coapte la fața locului cu ajutorul metodelor tradiționale.

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Razvan Turturica
11 iunie 2018 16:58

All the products are really tasty and the staff is amazing. The prices are not low, but if you are looking for top quality products this is the place to go in this part of Bucharest. They also have a restaurant, that looks really nice, but I haven`t tried it. You can easily spot the location from outside. The parking is a real problem in this part of the city so take in consideration, that might need to go around for 5 min to find a parking spot.
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Marjon Williams
13 mai 2018 09:59

Extremely poor service, brought the wrong food, waiter was very inattentive. The cleanliness of the table was appalling. The audacity of the owner to make a sarcastic comment about not getting a tip after the service recieved and attitude was unbelievable. Can not recommend this place, will not be returning. Steer clear of this place!!!
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Pericles Giavasoglou
5 ianuarie 2018 20:03

Cozy place, good service, and very good quality and variety from food and sweet as well. Fresh juices prepared on the spot with a variety of fruits. Nice coffees. A place where you enjoy the time.
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Elena Dobre
2 aprilie 2017 22:04

Great French style place. I recommend this restaurant for brunch or breakfast. Large variety of French pastry and desserts. The food is also good and the quality of ingredients is high. Popular place for families during weekends. The music is pleasant making you travel to an old style bistro. The staff could be more attentive to customers and be less noisy but they are pleasant and make sure you get the food you like. I would personally remove the large flat screen as it breaks the charm and the originality of the place.
Take away is possible and jam pots and other traditional Romanian products are offered for sale.
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16 februarie 2018 16:08

Great value menu of the day.
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