Le Bistro

Sos. Nordului 120, Aviaţiei, București

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Le Bistro este un bistro localizat la adresa Sos. Nordului numărul 120. Deschis zilnic între orele 07:00 - 23:00.

La Le Bistro te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific internațional sau urban sau american.

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Diana Gergeanu
22 mai 2018 23:24

Good aspects:
- natural light in all areas: pool, jacuzzi, gym, reception, hallways
- usually less clients than in other clubs belonging to same company
- friendly reception personnel
Unpleasant things:
- renovation takes way to long during which time jacuzzi and sauna are closed.
- summer last year there was a month when all people were allowed inside no matter the subscription type despite the fact that the subscription to this club costed most of all available due to "exclusivity". The situation led to overcrowded pool and jacuzzi and misbehavior that was not corrected by anybody (eg: kids jumping in jacuzzi)
Things that can be improved:
- in the past, there was music at jacuzzi and pool area. In the last year, no more music was available. This could be repaired.
- more classes available
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Mugur Ionescu
4 ianuarie 2018 20:47

For the name and the price you need to pay for the subscription I was totally disappointed. The lockers are very small and can be crowded with only 3-4 people inside. It didn't look very clean and for sure the place needs repairs and maintenance. Atlantis is a much better option.
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Robert Constantin
9 ianuarie 2018 09:02

Very nice place for a gym with very warm people at the reception. Extraordinary swimming pool. Good Jacuzzi. Showers can be upgraded.
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Igor Burduniuc
8 iulie 2017 15:49

Le Club WorlClass gym: the facility has an old, classic style. The fitness ground IS WELL EQUIPPED: ultramodern fitness machines. The pool is more for splashing than for swimming. At one end it is .5 m depth only.
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Aizhan Kalabayeva
25 decembrie 2017 16:55

Good and new equipment, big pool. But the locker rooms are very small and uncomfortable, hamam in bad condition, in the gym dumbbells always not on their place, it takes time to find them
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