La Copac

Strada Pitar Moș 23, Romană, București

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La Copac nu acceptă rezervări

Păreri despre "La Copac"

Adriana Dumitrof
24 decembrie 2017 09:43

Romanian traditional resturant. It looks ok and if you like Romanian food, maybe it's the place for you. I don't like the menus because they tried to write a story and it's really hard to read. They also don't have many dessert options.
There is always a queue at the restrooms.
I've asked for a glass of wine and they brought me some cheap homemade wine which I didn't like.
The staff is a bit unprofessional.
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Andrei Stefan
19 noiembrie 2017 17:05

Amazing food and service. The decor reminds you of old school traditional Romania, the portions are, and I mean it, huge, and taste like heaven. Prices are moderate, but definitely worth it.
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Luka Zivkovic
17 ianuarie 2018 12:03

A place revisiting Romanian products! Very nice inside, the food is great, especially the duck with cabbage. The service is average, quite nice, but not very professional (often forgetting things, doing mistakes that should not be done etc).but I still recommend.
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Tobias Heilmann
1 ianuarie 2018 20:38

Very nice place! Good and cheap traditional Rumanian food mixed with the more Western modern kitchen.
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17 octombrie 2017 21:39

Usually there's a very crowded place and food might take up to 2 hours to be ready. There are only a few waiters but they are very polite and apologize all the time even if it not their fault. The chairs are not so comfortable and there are some tables outside without any sort of light, not even candles which can be either romantic or annoying.
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