La Copac

Strada Pitar Moș 23, Romană, București

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Păreri despre "La Copac"

Dasjania D.
1 aprilie 2017 19:54

Great off-the-beaten place to experience delicious Romanian cuisine. The decor is eclectically Romanian, the staff is usually polite and helpful and the prices more than decent for the huge portion sizes. The terrace during the summer is great. On weekends during the summer they cook specials outside, in a cauldron. Definitely recommend
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Filip Laurentiu
20 iulie 2017 00:20

Medium food but nice staff, quiet and casual place.
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Adrian Paraschiv
19 iulie 2017 20:39

Nice place, good food, service is fast
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Monica Teodorescu
29 mai 2017 17:57

Located on a back street in the center of Bucharest, La Copac is not particularly easy to find. The atmosphere is quite intriguing when you approach, but the garden seems to need a bit of work to make the experience better. The food is good, in general - good spicy potatoes but bland basil tomato salad, that had only tomatoes and nothing else - and the prices are reasonable.
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Manuela Negrescu
18 iulie 2017 19:14

Great place, good food but too croudy. Sometimes, due to the fact that is croudy every evening you don't get to be served with food.
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