La Copac

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Strada Pitar Moș 23, Romană, București

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Ad Stc
31 mai 2018 11:07

La Copac holds a special place in my heart. Serves very good traditional Romanian food, decent prices, the food is always fresh. The atmosphere is relaxed, gathering a mix of people formed by group of friends, families, hipsters, expats, town drunks and everybody is friendly. It can get crowded, make sure you make reservations. I love the place, especially the terrace built around an old massive tree. I'd definetely recommend the experience.
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Julie No
24 iunie 2018 11:38

Nice traditional Romanian food with a large selection on the menu. The atmosphere is very nice and we didn't have any problems with the staff. It was recommended to us by our host and we enjoyed it. I don't remember the prices exactly but I don't think it was so expensive.
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24 martie 2018 23:52

The food is expensive. And I mean expensive even for a restaurant situated fairly central. It can be a hit or miss, depending on what you're having. It's not that the food is bad but that it could have more flavor, being so nicely colored with all the vegetables they use.
The lunch menus suffer the most from this point of view: the soup is mostly water that tastes of the meat that they boiled in it and the second course is bland most of the time.
Waiting time is long and the staff is not always on point. One time I payed for the meal and waited for 20 minutes for the change only to realize that the waitress didn't even cash in the check because she forgot.
The terrace is quite nice in the summer, but that's about it with the good parts.
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Andrei Baluta
9 iunie 2018 11:46

Good food but staff needs more training. If you aren't hungry it is a great place for a beer and something to eat
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Victor Iriciuc
25 februarie 2018 21:22

This is a very special place. The colors, the menu, the ambience. Everything in here is serene. It's as if you could feel nature's tranquility..."La copac" stands for "The tree". As the name suggests, the place evolves around a beautiful tree...the food is all natural and they have, maybe, the best smoothies in town. I dearly recommend it for anyone looking to charge their batteries.
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