La Copac

Strada Pitar Moș 23, Romană, București

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Acest local nu acceptă rezervări

La Copac nu acceptă rezervări

Păreri despre "La Copac"

17 octombrie 2017 21:39

Usually there's a very crowded place and food might take up to 2 hours to be ready. There are only a few waiters but they are very polite and apologize all the time even if it not their fault. The chairs are not so comfortable and there are some tables outside without any sort of light, not even candles which can be either romantic or annoying.
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Iulia Sfat
26 august 2017 22:48

The staff are nice, and the food is really tasty. It seems that lately is always comes a little bit cold, like it was just sitting there waiting for you, but it's really good nonetheless. I always enjoy my stay there.
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Mihai Tutu
11 septembrie 2017 11:46

Nice place but the service was not that prompt or fast. Our waiter did not understand we had a reservation and argued with some other customers to give us their table. The food is decent and the prices are moderate.
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Victor Nedelcea
26 septembrie 2017 08:29

Good food + cheap beer + great atmosfere - slow service
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Ioana V.
1 octombrie 2017 01:04

I haven't been here for ages and I was pleasantly surprised with what they've done with the place and the menu. Good food, affordable prices and a very cosy interior.
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