La 100 de Beri

Covaci 8, Centrul vechi, București

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La 100 de Beri nu accepta rezervari pe terasa.
Locatia nu accepta rezervari in zilele de Vineri si Sambata.

O carciuma unde poti gasi peste o suta de beri, nu se poate veni cu mancare de afara, avem mancare tipica pentru bere. Nu se accepta tort.

Nu se face rezervari pentru mesele inalte.

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16:00 - 23:45
Marți - Joi
16:00 - 02:00
Vineri - Sâmbătă
16:00 - 04:00
16:00 - 23:45


Păreri despre "La 100 de Beri"

Carmen Negrea
26 august 2018 00:42

Amazing beers. Don't go by the menu. They always have new beers coming in so it's better to see what they have in the fridge for that day.
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Alexandru Marian Popescu
5 septembrie 2018 18:40

Great place to have a beer, no matter what the tastes in beer is. As the name of the place sugests, they have 100 (maybe more) brands of beers. Great staff also. They are more than willing in sugesting the right beer for your taste and mood.
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Remus Daniel Stanciu
22 aprilie 2018 23:28

Quite pricey for what it offers.
Decent selection of beers. At least on the menu. When you try to order some of them they did not have them.
Not only this but the bartender seems like he doesn't want you in there. Not a cozy feel vibe kind of guy.
So I would say if you want to try some good import beer, careful not everything that is on the menu is available ::)), take a couple of friends with you to compensate for the grim atmosphere in there.
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Dan Mazilu
22 august 2018 15:53

Great special place in the Old Town, with many options for special beers. Liked that i found out there are so many craft beers in Bucharest
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Michael Oland
16 august 2018 17:54

This place defines dive bar in my opinion. The decor is a bit wanting but the beer is great. If I were local, this would be my haunt.
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