La 100 de Beri

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Covaci 8, Centrul Vechi, București
La 100 de Beri nu acceptă rezervări online prin

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La 100 de Beri nu acceptă rezervări online prin
La 100 de Beri nu accepta rezervari pe terasa. Locatia nu accepta rezervari in zilele de Vineri si Sambata. O carciuma unde poti gasi peste o suta de beri, nu se poate veni cu mancare de afara, avem mancare tipica pentru bere. Nu se accepta tort. Nu se face rezervari pentru mesele inalte.

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16:00 - 23:00


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A Alex
28 decembrie 2018 23:13 Rezervat în data de 20 decembrie 2018

4 ianuarie 2020 19:25

Looks and feels more like an Eastern European 80's train car rather than a pub, with the appropriate flavour bouquet amassed throughout the years. Not a bad selection of brews though and an even more interesting experience if you're lucky enough to dodge the inquisitive pub owner who has a tendency of making a fool of himself, especially when he's engaging with English-speaking customers. No props for the waitress either unfortunately - a frowning attitude and at times disregarding customers.
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13 februarie 2020 12:57

Pretty cozy place, a little crowded but the area in the back is wonderful. A lot of space and a really nice medieval vibe.
Also wonderful beer, wide variety and competitive prices.
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16 noiembrie 2019 09:43

It is one of my favorite places in the old center, large variety of craft beer that sparks up my taste buds. It is a place where I have amazing conversations due to the beers, the vibe, good informative service, a proper pub atmosphere and although it doesn't look fancy it feels homely. Cheers!
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21 noiembrie 2019 10:52

English pub style looking bar in the busy Old Town.
Visited a couple of times during our trip.
15+ taps & a vast bottle/can menu - although a few weren't available when we asked.
Plenty of ABV beers & some rare International craft beers.
The bar girl was quick, efficient & pleasant to talk to.
A great place & worth a visit if in Bucharest.
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9 ianuarie 2020 21:41

Decent selection of beers from around the world. I had my eye on a few Belgian ones but unfortunately never got the chance to try a drop of anything. I waited 10 mins at the bar and wasn't served, not even acknowledged. If you’re busy, I understand, acknowledge me and ask for patience. These guys lost out on a pocket full of leu on my last evening, their loss, as it looked very quiet on patrons. A good barman will take your order regardless and get around to it eventually. I don't mind waiting but being ignored is not good enough.
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