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Gabroveni 12, Centrul Vechi, București

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Acest local nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Fire nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Conditiile rezervarilor pentru Fire pub:

- De duminica pana joi: 25 lei/persoana consumatie obligatorie, suma ce poate fi platita in avans pana la ora 17:00 a zilei respective, in caz contrar rezervarea se anuleaza.

- Pentru zilele de vineri si sambata: 40 lei/persoana consumatie obligatorie, suma ce poate fi platita in avans pana la ora 17:00 a zilei respective, in caz contrar rezervarea se anuleaza.

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Luni - Joi
10:00 - 04:00
Vineri - Sâmbătă
10:00 - 06:00
10:00 - 04:00


Păreri despre "Fire"

Monica Liuță
25 august 2018 14:44

I'm being very subjective here: I love this place! Good prices, nice staff, good food, great events. My favourite place in the old city centre.
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Mihai Gheorghe
3 septembrie 2018 09:00

What else should i say. The place is unchanged for years. And despite of what you think this is a good thing. Now and then there are like good prices for beer or shots actually there are always good prices for beer and shots.
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Radu Ilie
6 aprilie 2018 13:49

Great place for a quick meeting during the day, but also a great place for evening drinks with friends.
The beer is amazing, not a huge selection but still, you can find something you like.
Nice people as customers here, no shouting, no swearing, no idiots around. Warm and calm atmosphere, with an amazing music selection!
In contrast with the warm atmosphere there is the staff's cold attitude. They should improve this, and get rid of the old habits, which taught them that "only money counts".
Overall, happy to go back to Fire any time I want to gather with my friends for a pint!
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O Ozmeister
7 septembrie 2018 18:29

Great atmosphere and good range of drinks, but slow service from too few (and very miserable) staff. Great shame as this place has so much potential. Give the 2.5l beer dispenser a go - equivalent of £7 (35 lei). 》Please like helpful reviews《
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Erin McGibbon
15 iulie 2018 23:58

Probably the worst restaurant service of my life, and I'm generally really easy to please. I ordered a glass of red wine and some chips and guacamole, and the guacamole just never came. I also got a warm glass of rosé instead of the red wine I ordered and couldn't get it switched because the server pretty much disappeared. I was finally able to ask about the guacamole after 1 hour and then again after another 30 minutes (it was during the world cup finals so I knew things would be slow). My server said things were backed up so it would take a while. Eventually, after two hours of waiting for chips and guacamole, I asked for a third time where it was. The server said they couldn't make it and walked away. It also took over 20 minutes for the server to come collect my money after leaving the check, and this was well after the game had ended and the bar cleared out. I think they need to re-examine their system or hire more servers.
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