Preț Exclusivist
Strada Oltetului 30, Floreasca, București


Preț Exclusivist
Strada Oltetului 30, Floreasca, București
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Kundalini Pool @ Lounge este un concept nou, exclusivist pentru persoanele pretentioase si dornice de relaxare la plaja, care apreciaza serviciile de calitate, bauturile fine si muzica buna. Sezlonguri plaja si zone Lounge. Bar deschis pana la ultimul client. Organizam petreceri private si evenimente de amploare alaturi de colaboratori. Pentru a pastra atmosfera intima si a obtine relaxarea clientilor, nu acceptam copii sub 18 ani si animale de companie. Locul este deschis si in sezonul rece, chiar daca piscina nu mai este disponibila pentru baie.


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10:00 - 18:30


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21 iulie 2023 14:49

I had a few thoughts before deciding to come here as I've seen some bad reviews. As most of them were quite old, I wanted to give it a try.
The first big plus is the big parking lot, you can park an entire bus and you'd not cause any inconvenience.
The first small impediment is that Google Maps is not really accurate, and the pin is placed a bit farther away from the location. This is not actually the pool owners' fault, but it's a good thing to be mentioned.
I came on a Friday without reservation. The staff showed me the free spots, and I've started my day.
I was pleasantly surprised by the location. The guys at the bar are amazingly polite and eager to help. The music was ok, although a bit repetitive, the place was clean and the drinks were good.
I also had a chicken and pineapple salad with extra feta topping, and even that was not included in the menu, the guys made everything possible to add it as well as putting it on the bill.
They offered to take care of my helmet the entire day, and honestly speaking, I found nothing to complain about, not that I had the intention of doing so.
At first, I wanted to give it a 4* rating because:
The umbrellas are shared, and I was lucky that everybody around me agreed on using it, otherwise it would have been a bit uncomfortable.
There are no storage lockers, but there are dressing rooms to change your clothes (I have seen reviews in which people said they were missing).
The reason I decided to give it a 5* after all was because of the staff and the fact that I felt safe leaving all my belongings next to the pool while I wandered around.
The prices are a bit higher than in other similar locations, but I liked what I had, and I felt like in a mini vacation.
If I had to choose a downside, it would be the price on the water bottle, which was 14 lei, but given all the other aspects, I will definitely come back again.
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25 august 2019 19:44

Can't understand the 4.2 rating of this place. There are no showers, so everyone just goes into the pool with sweat and dust on their skin.
There is no designated place where you can change clothes, you can only change in the bathroom where there are only two stalls and there are no hooks to hang stuff, so the only option would be to place the clothes on top of the toilet seat which I would not recommend. It's not clean.
There is no stronger policy in place for people wearing their hair up in a bun when going into the pool so of course there is hair floating in the water. Quite unpleasant.
The music is quite loud after 12 o'clock.
On the positive side, the staff is ok and so is the food.
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21 iunie 2019 16:32

If it was possible i would give 0 point. The place is open from 10 am to 6pm, but staffs can suddenly ask you to leave at random hours like 3pm or 4 pm. Altough they would like you to pay for fulltime. Plus no changing rooms very well suited for romania.
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19 iunie 2022 15:32

Bad music, bad food, very small place and high prices. Not worth it for what they offer, especially since they advertise as being "for pretentious people".
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23 mai 2023 21:10

Amazing party place, had a great time
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