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Strada Ermil Pangratti 30A, Dorobanţi, București
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KAIAMO este un restaurant concept, o destinatie gastronimica, unde se modifica meniul din trei in trei luni, in functie de sezon. Se acorda o atentie deosebita tuturor detaliilor, motiv pentru care sunt necesare multe ore de pregatire, atat in bucatarie cat si in partea de servire. Bucataria este inchisa zilnic intre orele 15:00-18:00, cand restaurantul se dechide pentru cina, iar ultima comanda este preluata la ora 22:30.

Dupa terminarea programului din bucatarie, oaspetii se pot bucura in continuare de selectia de bauturi. KAIAMO WINE LIST contine peste 150 de etichete, o lista de vinuri ce reprezinta o sinergie intre Lumea Veche și Lumea Noua, concentrandu-se puternic asupra soiurilor locale de struguri din terroirul României și a podgoriilor sale meșteșugarești.

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18:00 - 23:00
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I Ioana
15 februarie 2019 20:29 Rezervat în data de 15 februarie 2019 prin ialoc.ro

Întotdeauna excelent! Atmosfera plăcută indiferent de ora, personalul este bine pregătit și se comporta ireproșabil.
Meniul este bine gândit și mâncarea fina și foarte gustoasa..
Nu plecati fără sa încercați câteva propuneri de desert..

M Mihaela
8 noiembrie 2018 22:10 Rezervat în data de 8 noiembrie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

- localul frumos amenajat,
- lumina calda si placuta
- locatia buna
- meniul (organizarea acestuia, nuanta inchisa, ceea ce face aproape imposibil de citit din el, la lumina existenta in local)
- servirea cam dezorganizata
- felurile "principale" de mancare, care sunt exagerat de mici

Petruţ Iordăchescu
4 decembrie 2018 00:07

Nine course menu is what you want, it's an experience but so much more. It's not just a trip, but a journey. It's nostalgia, but it's the future.

If you have NEVER tasted Romanian cuisine, then this is a royal introduction. If you HAVE tasted Romanian cuisine before, then this is a royal delight.

The dishes are delightful, but in a traditionally playful way. The wine recommendations are also nothing short of amazing.

The venue has endless details that the staff are more than happy to share to fill and fuel the conversation.

10/10 recommend.
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Ruxandra Mitroi
4 decembrie 2018 23:47

Atmosphere - romantic and elegant. The minimalist design combined with a myriad of traditional elements really make the décor stand out. The place has so much personality, one reason being the prevalence of solid wood, which gives the place a warm and cosy feel.

Food - exceptional, the fact that the menu changes every 3 months says a lot about the chef’s creativity and determination to reinvent Kaiamo through his recipes based on seasonal ingredients. As a person who has tried both the autumn and winter menus, I have to say that each course deserves a moment of reflection, as every plate feels like embarking on a journey of senses, making it difficult to focus back to the table conversation. Every dish has its own story and is displayed in a simple, yet very seductive form. Oh and did I mention the desserts? They are unbelievable! Both in appearance and in taste!

Wines - Kaiamo offers a large range of fine wines, both local and international . And these people really know their pairing! Make sure you ask the front of house team for recommendations and I guarantee they will surprise you in the most pleasant way!

Service - Staff are extremely attentive, friendly and accommodating, and more importantly they are knowledgeable, as they offer insightful details about the concept, each dish and each bottle of wine. I personally haven’t come across anything like this in Romania.

Overall, a truly unique fine dining experience! Looking forward to going back!
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paula rusu
3 decembrie 2018 14:33

Joy for the eyes and happines for the mouth - this is Kaiamo.
An absolutely must if you visit Bucharest! make sure you make reservation in time, because what I wrote is not only my opinion. :)
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Mihai Costea
5 octombrie 2018 23:10

Excellent service in a super friendly and cosy atmosphere. On top of that you get spectacular plating for every dish. Despite all that, you want to close your eyes. They say that when you suppers a sense, you sharpen the others. So close your eyes and enjoy something incredible... something that feels like somehow you already know, but now it's better... something that makes you rise an eyebrow and hmmmm... something that rises conflict in your heart, cause you feel your loved one misses something amazing, but you want it all for yourself... Taste...
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John Antonios
15 septembrie 2018 20:17

Such mouthwatering food ... both savory and sweet we’re worth every bite. The portion is what you’d expect in a Michelin star restaurant but the prices are not, so make sure you order not one but two dishes.
The service is worth 6 stars and the presentation probably 7 stars. Just check out some of the pictures ...
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