Jazz Book

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Doctor Carol Davila 1, Cotroceni, București
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Înființat în 2012 cu scopul precis de a promova scena de jazz din România, organizând săptămânal, timp de 5 ani, o serie de concerte de cea mai bună calitate, cu artiști români și străini, având o contribuție semnificativă la dezvoltarea comunității de muzicieni și, în același timp, a publicului iubitor de artă, Jazzbook susține și promovează activitatea artistică a grupului ce s-a reunit sub numele The Jam Community inițiind proiectul CEALALTĂ MUZICĂ.

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George Gugulea
30 iulie 2019 17:02

I like this place, it has a very good location, is quiet, in a peaceful neighborhood, about ten minutes walk to the metro station, or twenty minutes walk to home - of course, if you live in the nearby :) If you feel like a bit hungry, pizza is good, I liked pizza diavola, but I am sure you can find other treats that you like. Wine, beer, non alcoholic drinks or water are available. People are very nice, polite, they take your order fast and serve the food in time. The prices are decent, accessible to almost everyone. There is room outside to meet with a few friends, or colleagues, but you have to make a reservation before that, otherwise you risk to find everything taken.
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Cristina Necula
21 august 2019 19:58

I usually come here for lunch. They have a good daily menu with two plates, with different choices for soup and a surprise cookie, at a decent price (23 ron). The service is fast, they are nice and friendly, the prices are ok and the food is good.
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Abdullah Hamami
24 aprilie 2019 11:07

I like this place a lot.
Their pizzas and burgers are well made.
My only complain would be that their seats are not comfortable. Given that it's a place where one would spend two hours sitting down at least.
It could be more comfortable if they would provide cushions to sit on or lean your back on.
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Florentina Brad
7 august 2019 01:04

Nice staff, good food, pleasant atmosphere.
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John Doe
2 iulie 2019 14:42

Cosy atmosphere, a plus for the terrace in the quiet Cotroceni area. Food is reasonably priced and tasty. There are parking spaces in the small square. Music and staff get an extra bonus from me.
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