Jazz Book

4,9 / 21 voturi
Preț Moderat
Doctor Carol Davila 1, Cotroceni, București

Jazz Book

4,9 / 21 voturi
Preț Moderat
Doctor Carol Davila 1, Cotroceni, București
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Înființat în 2012 cu scopul precis de a promova scena de jazz din România, organizând săptămânal, timp de 5 ani, o serie de concerte de cea mai bună calitate, cu artiști români și străini, având o contribuție semnificativă la dezvoltarea comunității de muzicieni și, în același timp, a publicului iubitor de artă, Jazzbook susține și promovează activitatea artistică a grupului ce s-a reunit sub numele The Jam Community inițiind proiectul CEALALTĂ MUZICĂ.

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4,9 / 21 voturi
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7 martie 2020 21:00 Rezervat în data de 7 martie 2020

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22 octombrie 2019 21:24 Rezervat în data de 22 octombrie 2019

9 noiembrie 2021 19:23

Very friendly service, but disappointed with the food. Dry. tasteless, the Mexican chicken was done with the vegetable mix that you can find in every supermarket. It was disappointing to see this because it's not my first time in this bistro (I've been coming here for about 6 years) and it's a pity that the quality food has decreased so much. Average prices. Outdoor and indoor sitting. Sometime they have some nice music events.
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23 iulie 2021 00:34

Pleasant place to have a glass of wine, quiet and nice.
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30 septembrie 2021 19:43

Food is okish, not smancy fancy. A nice place to hangout with your friends over a bite and something to drink. The suroundings are amazing, peacefull and quite. Acceptable prices. Just give it a try.
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23 mai 2021 11:31

The food here is excellent, I've never had anything that tasted bad or was not of the best quality. The staff is very nice and if you go more than a few times they will remember you for sure. Another great point is the location, the fact that this gem is hidden on the streets of Cotroceni Area gives it an almost nostalgic and distinctive vibe. I totally recommend it!
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26 august 2021 22:31

A very nice place in a quiet neighbourhood with good food and a decent drink selection, perfect for a chill afternoon with a friend or two.
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