Japanos Terasa Herastrau

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Soseaua Nordului 7-9, Herãstrãu, București

Japanos Terasa Herastrau

Preț Moderat
Soseaua Nordului 7-9, Herãstrãu, București
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Japanos aduce o mâncare sănătoasă, bună și de origine japoneză pentru publicul doritor de experiențe culinare atipice. La Japanos a fost implementat primul Ramen Bar din România, așadar e musai de încercat. Selecția de sushi, japanese salad, japanese wok, curry rice, yakisoba, gyoza, noodles, tonkatsu, Katsu don o să devină o excursie gastronomică până în îndepărtata Asie. 


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30 iulie 2021 22:20

Honestly, the restaurant seems super cute. Looks great, the people there seemed to have a good time, but this was not the case for me and my friend.

We saw an ad for an anime event where you could get a combo for a cheaper price and decided to go there, all the way from Mihai Bravu, by metro, having to walk 1.5 kilometres from the Aviatorilor metro station to the restaurant. After getting there, we were asked if we had made a reservation which we haven’t since there was nothing mentioned about reserving a table. We were after all seated at a table and were handed a placemat with the combo, which only had the combo items, but we’re not offered a regular menu as well for browsing drinks and such.

Anyway, after we went to ask for menus we had decided on what to order. We wanted to share the special combo between ourselves as it contained 2 dishes of either ramen/bento/curry and one desert. Neither of us can eat that much so sharing was what we had in mind from the beginning. When our order was being taken, we were told that we can’t share the combo between ourselves and we’d have to either order a combo for each of us or get something from the main menu (which we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t gone and asked for). Excuse me? I work for my money and want to spend it however I feel like it and knowing how much I eat I wanted to spend it as fore mentioned.

After exchanging a few back and forth words with one of the waitresses (I’m guessing, as there was no way to tell the employees apart from the customers) we had decided to leave, go home and order from a different Japanese restaurant.

After this experience, I will be reluctant to step foot at this particular Japanos. I hope they will work on their customer centricity so that will match the level their food is at (at least from what I have heard, as I have never eaten at Japanos and this was supposed to be my first time eating here).
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30 iulie 2021 22:04

I have to say that yes, their prices are reasonable in terms of Sushi for the center of Herastrau...
However, I had a terrible experience there. I got an ad about a themed promotion with 2 bentos/curry/ramen + 1 dessert. Personally, I can't eat that much, but I thought it's a really nice promotion to share with a friend. Imagine my face when I came to Aviatorilor then walk 1.5km just to learn that the offer is only for one person - you can't take it and share.
I'm sorry, but this has to be specified. I pay money for my food, I do what I want with my money. If I'm not allowed to do what I want with my money, at least tell me before I leave home.
Again about expectation setting - When you have an event that needs a booking, please specify it in the ad. ESPECIALLY when it's an anime-related event, which is, being anime, geared towards younger audiences that are used to places where you don't have to book. Granted, a table was empty and they allowed us to stay, but let's be serious - why wouldn't a restaurant allow clients to sit at a table that's not booked?

Overall, I saw and was interested in a very open-minded place with a hip vibe and lots of young people to meet, but what I got was a very strict family restaurant with a japanese theme.

I'm hoping to see reviews that they changed, as I really wanted to try the food. At this point, the food might be the greatest in Bucharest, but it'll be very hard to make me sit at a table at Japanos Herastrau in the first place, let alone make me order something.
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7 iunie 2021 12:43

Nice Japanese food...ramen, yakitori and sushi...good quality, reasonable prices 🍜🍣🍥
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9 august 2021 21:07

You are dust!
Horrible food, horrible service.
The boss, I guess, has no idea how to talk nicely to customers, only arrogance and insensitivity.
Coffee is water with taste.
It is better to close the restaurant and open a business in which the customers are satisfied, not only the owners.
I do not recommend!
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30 iulie 2021 22:01

I was today, a serving of powder, I asked for a Japanese beer, they didn't have, traditional drinks as well, the food was heated in the microwave, and the owner kept coming with only traditional wine planes, not giving kind lessons. The conclusion of the dear ones is not to go, yes at all.
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