Nicolaie Racotă 3, Aviatorilor, București

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Jadoo este un restaurant localizat la adresa Nicolaie Racotă numărul 3. Deschis zilnic între orele 12:00 - 00:00.

La Jadoo te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific mediteranean sau internațional sau american.

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Liviu Chiric
6 decembrie 2018 17:56

A convenient place to have a Fast and good lunch for fix price, around 5 EUR as well the dinner ( around 15 EUR) where you can choose from a variety international dishes. Try the pizza, the Romanian soups, wines, fish, pasta and sweet. There is also a terrace for people enjoy to smoke or stay outside. The staff is very keen on client satisfaction.
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Anca Croitoru
3 noiembrie 2018 18:09

The service is excellent! The waitress was kind enough to recommend the best dishes and they have a very good selection of wines, reasonably priced compared to the rest of Bucharest. Food was good too, but the papanashi were a bit meah... Try the apple pie, much better!
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Happy Cat
22 octombrie 2018 23:45

Terrible food and everything tastes like it came from a really old can - which it probably did. Avoid this place for sure unless you want to be sick. Positive reviews are probably faked. The look/attitude of the snake oil merchant waiter tells you precisely what kind of place this is and he is most likely running this operation solo and reheating garbage behind the bar. Bucharest doesn't need garbage like this - this place should be shut down.
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Valentin Pouget
5 iulie 2018 13:19

Be careful with vegetables and salad thought, there are not always fresh and well washed, you can be sick.

Kind of nice place with lunch deal and 20 percent off around 12h.
Nice atmosphere with AC inside and cool terrasse.
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Mihai Krieger
26 august 2018 19:43

One of the best restaurants in Bucharest.
The food is great, the staff is friendly and the location is quiet and yet very accessible.
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