Interbellico Pizzeria

Maria Rosetti 53, Moșilor, București

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Mic, simplu si bun. Un local micut si cochet cu atmosfera familiala si primitoare in zona interbelica a Bucurestiului.

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12:00 - 23:00
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Păreri despre "Interbellico Pizzeria"

Radu Voicu
5 octombrie 2017 12:56

Best pizza in town. Charming family restaurant.
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Andrei Alexiu
8 noiembrie 2017 02:36

Delicious pizza
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Meta i Ppp
21 decembrie 2015 19:46

Neighbourhood gem tucked away in an overlooked part of town with a charm of its own. Down to earth, no fuss, working class, hearty italian food, mostly pizza and pasta. Either your order will be taken by the owner himself, or you will feel his presence. A character piece.
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Maximilian Zimmer
13 noiembrie 2015 19:18

Cozy, romantic and casual pizza place with friendly staff and good food at decent prices. Try the oven baked pasta.
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mihnea ghildus
5 octombrie 2017 09:15

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