Interbellico Pizzeria

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Maria Rosetti 53, Armenească, București
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Mic, simplu si bun. Un local micut si cochet cu atmosfera familiala si primitoare in zona interbelica a Bucurestiului.

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A Alex
12 noiembrie 2018 08:29 Rezervat în data de 11 noiembrie 2018 prin

Recomand pizza cu buffala, sos de roșii și busuioc. Luați la pachet, dar nu comandați pentru acasă. Această pizza trebuie gustată direct.

30 iulie 2019 14:30

I don't get the hype of comments "best pizza in town". This place is very far from serving the best pizza. First, it looks like it's been bombarded - you don't know if its open if you pass by it. Second, inside is very dark, you can barely see anything, no natural light, very dodgy. The food, the ingredients are mediocre and do not reflect the prices.
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Andrei Caldarus
3 august 2019 21:38

Back to Italy all over again. You must try their pizza, crispy soft and smooth at the same time! Great place to try out!
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Corina Moraru
16 august 2019 00:11

To small. To dark. Like you're in a cave. Sticky old tables. I don't think that's the best pizza in town. Not my kind of restaurant.
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Victor Lilov
18 aprilie 2019 09:24

One of the best Italian restaurants in the city. Kitchen open till late. Small and intimate.
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Frank N
24 iulie 2019 11:44

The best pizza in Bucharest. Period.
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