Grand Cafe Van Gogh

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Smârdan 9, Centrul Vechi, București
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Un restaurant elegant, situat în inima Bucureștiului, renumit pentru brunch-ul special de weekend.

Regulile Grand Cafe Van Gogh:
- nu se accepta rezervari pe terasa sau la etaj
- consumatia minima este de 50 lei/ persoana

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Luni - Joi
08:30 - 00:00
08:30 - 01:00
10:00 - 01:00
10:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "Grand Cafe Van Gogh"

M Madalina
28 aprilie 2018 18:09 Rezervat în data de 28 aprilie 2018 prin

Am specificat ca doresc sa mi se rezerve o masa afara si nu s-a întâmplat asta.
Am ales sa plec.

Ramon Granados
12 august 2019 13:41

Great breakfast place and our waiter was amazing. Along with good food they also have a great selection of coffee options. I had the American style pancakes and besides the syrup being less viscose than I'm used to they were an enjoyable way to start my morning.
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Anna Oswald
26 iulie 2019 00:10

We went there for breakfast and the place is really pretty inside and outside. Although it was a week day and not very crowded it we waited at least an hour. After asking why we had to wait so long it turned out that a new waitress had mixed up the tables and somebody else ate our food! We ordered again and got the food like 10 - 15 minutes later and they gave us 40% off the usual price as an excuse! A really fair reaction and the food was nice. Highly recommend it and would go to eat there again.
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Raluca Aldea
27 iulie 2019 21:00

Great atmosphere. Great lemonade. While we were there there were 3-4 people actually painting under the guidance of a professor, we were also invited to join. It was really cool.
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iuliana toropoc
10 iulie 2019 13:22

very helpful and polite staff. food average at best and way too expensive for the quality, if local wages taken into account. drinks good, although with own twist and only if you quickly fish out the 20 so ice cubes ... good location though! ps. never, ever go for the zucchini/goats cheese salad!
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Anika Ahmed
2 iunie 2019 11:08

Really delicious breakfast in Bucharest; we had French toast and goat cheese omelette, perfectly cooked. The french toast was a little bit too greasy though but tasted nice. The portion was nice and well located, although probably after breakfast it might get too busy/noisy. Would recommend for an early breakfast.
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