Godot Cafe-teatru

Blănari 14, Centrul vechi, București

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Godot nu înseamnă doar teatru şi evenimente culturale. Atmosfera interbelică a cafenelei îmbie clienţii cu un meniu variat de băuturi pe bază de cafea, răcoritoare şi băuturi alcoolice, precum şi mâncăruri deosebite şi meniuri speciale pentru cele mai variate gusturi.
Echipa Godot invită clienţii să îşi înceapă ziua alături de ei cu un English Breakfast, să continue cu un prânz relaxant sau o întâlnire de afaceri la un file de somon cu sos de portocale şi un Mil Hojas delicios, o salată asortată sau chiar un bratwurst, iar după-masa să asculte muzică live la pian savurând o lasagna sau o salată de fructe lejeră. În plus, în aceeaşi notă inedită specifică spaţiului, clienţii care păşesc pragul Godot în timpul zilei pot savura o cafea şi o mâncare bună în timp ce asistă la repetiţiile pentru viitoarele producţii ale cafe-teatrului.

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gordi loquita
9 septembrie 2018 18:32

Disgusting rude service. I've asked at the bar what type of coffee they have and he replied "illy" which is the name of the machine. And when I asked again he refused to answer, send someone else. We ordered 5 tickets long time in advance and I was assured I will get a good table cause we were first to purchase tickets. When we got there they gave us a broken couch with a rubbish bin in front of us ( part of decor). Just before the show my other 3 friends arrived and soon after one girl comes with some change for my friends tickets. What change? I have paid for all 5 tickets when I arrived and they charged my friends again for the same tickets. Unbelievable!! Terrible customer service, go there if you want staff to ruin your night before the show even starts.
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Monica Teodorescu
25 iulie 2018 13:52

Places like this, which offer a totally different theater experience than usual, are hit and miss most of the time. This one is a hit. It’s located in a central area, on a quiet street and it has a very cozy look and feel to it. The friendly staff and the interesting layout of the main room all help enhance that feeling. Having said that, some things can be better sorted out - decoration wise - and the seating pattern may create some pretty narrow and difficult to navigate gaps. All in all though, this was a great experience and we’re sure to do it again, sometime in the future.
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28 februarie 2018 10:15

Excellent fusion between a bar and theatre. You can check out the current week's events from their official app and also book a table or two by providing an email address and a name. The tickets are around 30 RON but may vary from play to play. You can also order a few drinks ( which are paid separately )but I highly recommend sticking to your drink once the play starts. Their theatrical pieces are amazingly well put together, mainly having young up-and-coming actors and actresses as cast.Moreover, the interior decor is extremely aesthetic. But why trust me? Go ahead, book a table and see for yourself!
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Radu Cantor
8 aprilie 2018 15:01

This place offers very good Romanian theater play combined with an optional dinner and / or drinks.
Myself an my wife enjoyed the concept a lot and I can't wait to visit this place again in the near future.

The food itself and the service were very good, even though overall it was a little pricey.
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Caiali Metin
19 decembrie 2017 11:41

Nice and cozy place.
I do recommend checking their website for upcoming shows and booking well in advance as the 'good' seats sell out quickly.
As a headsup it tends to get crowded, so I recommend taking the seats up in the balcony.
Try checking their menu, as it is pretty good and fairly priced.

Also, the actors tend to mingle around the crowd, mainly first few tables right next to the stage; this goes on to be a great experience if you have no issues being in the center of attention, up on a stage.
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