Gloria Jean's Coffee [închis permanent]

Nerva Traian 3A, Vitan, București

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Gloria Jean's Coffee nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Gloria Jean's Coffee este o cafenea localizată la adresa Nerva Traian numărul 3A. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 23:00.

La Gloria Jean's Coffee te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific urban sau american.

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Bogdan Stefan
14 februarie 2015 16:16

Update on 2014-12-27:

First of all, a sincere thank you for the management of the place! Things have improved since my previous review (and in such a short time!), thus prompting the current message.

During the last visit there, one could not help but notice that the locale had indeed made a few adjustments to their inner space, in regards to establishing a non-smoking area. There are now visual indicators for an area available to non-smokers.

However, one of the original issues still remains: the evacuation of the cigar smoke from the place. The smoking and non-smoking areas are kind of joined together. Thus, the smoke from one taints the other. I would appreciate it if a little effort went into looking up the issues with the air filters/air venting system.

Original review on 2014-12-14:

The place is lounge-themed, and I'd have to say that it is just a decent one. Why only decent? Allow me to elaborate.

Do not get me wrong, the staff is very friendly and welcoming. Music is quite enjoyable. The offers on display are westerner-oriented (the local is situated right next to Double Tree by Hilton hotel, which receives a lot of foreign visits), so prices aren't that bad, I'd put them somewhere near medium-priced, since they mainly target the hotel's customers.

What is really bad, and subtracts a lot from the appeal of the place (hence my rating so far), is the fact that this place does not have an inside non-smoking area. On Sunday mornings up until noon, the place is pretty relaxing. However, after that time a lot of people come there and start smoking and this is when the landscape changes, drastically. The air venting systems are not working properly, or are non-existent (although the ceiling has some constructs that look like devices that ought to filter air). Needless to say that sometimes it is like experiencing a fog-like atmosphere, because of the cigar smoke - and that hurts, a lot. It hurts your health, on the long term, and your sense of cleanliness. After a few hours, you come out of there smelling like a smoked piece of bacon - and this is not funny at all.

I do not have anything against smokers - everyone is free to enjoy their habits, however they see fit - oh and I especially love smoked bacon. But, I am also pretty sure a lot of people like to drink coffee, without being smokers. Why not let them enjoy the place, as well, like everyone else?
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Gabriel Marin
10 iulie 2016 16:53

One of my favourites in coffee places
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Mircea Ionita
23 februarie 2016 01:39

Very good coffee
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carina triff
23 octombrie 2016 21:51

Am savurat o cafea luata "la pachet" ..bucurie pura..a se bea in tihna,cu timp..
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