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Ion Neculce 63, Griviţa, București

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Gastronomika se vrea a fi un local din care sa nu-ti vina sa pleci, unde sa-ti poti rasfata simturile si sa te simti ca la un prieten drag acasa. :)

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Luni - Joi
12:00 - 00:00
Vineri - Duminică
12:00 - 01:00


Păreri despre "Gastronomika"

B Bogdan
3 februarie 2019 17:15 Rezervat în data de 3 februarie 2019 prin

Excelente preparatele cat si servirea acestora. Voi reveni cu siguranta!

M Monica
21 august 2017 00:10 Rezervat în data de 20 august 2017 prin

O atmosfera boema bucureșteană cu toate ingredientele: mancare delicioasa, gazde primitoare si o gradina de vis. Mi-au placut detaliile customizate, palinca la întâmpinare fiind unul din ele. Totul la superlativ, mai vin cu drag!

Jere Lehtila
7 aprilie 2019 13:09

The most memorable restaurant experience that I have ever had! The chef prepared a plate of various appetizers for us and came to tell us about the ingredients that he had used! The main course had simple flavours (just how it should be) and the fres ingredients were the main point there! The best lamb I have ever eaten! For two persons the three course meal (+ one bottle of really tasty red wine and one bottle of water) we paid 320 lei (around 60e) in total! Just amazing experience (thanks for that)! THIS PLACE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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Gaby A.
30 aprilie 2019 15:34

Very friendly and helpful service.
Great food, fair prices.
English speaking staff.
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Veronica Panita
24 februarie 2019 09:57

Lovely place with a delicious food menu, for good price. Luckily it is not very crowded, probably due to its venue setting. It has an outside terrace, which is lovely during the summer. I definitely recommend it for either lunch or dinner.
👍 Iqos and Credit card payment e.
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Greceanu Matei
23 martie 2019 19:51

Out with a group of friends. Went with google recommendation and visited this place. 4 or 5 other people eating there. Food was great. Nice service. 2 musicians were performing. Didn't mind the spiderwebs at the archways and corners too much...but then...When the bill came, we were told that we'll have to pay 20 Ron for the music. Complained because we were not told before. And then we saw on the bill that it was 20/person, under a field called "taxa DOP". Kinda ruined the evening.
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Valen Correa
14 noiembrie 2018 08:10

We ended up here with a group, no idea where we were going, also, not based on the reviews, but now that I see them they make total sense. The food was stunning, probably the best we tried in Bucharest. Is not expensive, but is not at the price level of other common restaurants, still totally worth it. They will make sure you enjoy it and leave happy, and with that food, it's quite hard not to.

Totally recommended place, a little bit hidden but nothing google maps cannot fix.

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