Gallo Nero

Dorobanților 239, Dorobanţi, București

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Claudiu Serban
7 noiembrie 2018 12:49

Nice place, good food(nothing to amaze you), a bit pricy
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Tudor Sinchevici
9 iulie 2018 22:17

Had a short visit today. The pizza is yummy as always. Though, the prices are too spicy for what they offer. For example, 10ron for a cup of tea. Not some tasty special infused tea Carl, but a half full cup of boiled water and a tea bag :) Thought I was kinda robbed.
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Matthew Flood
19 mai 2018 06:18

The food was good. I ate here with my clients two out of three days. It was not the best Italian food I've had but certainly not the worst either. I'd eat here again if I was in this part of Bucharest again.
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Filis Culamet
14 iulie 2018 05:27

Never thought I would see the communist gaze of a waiter anymore, checking you from the moment you entered to see if you are worthy of service or not.
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Marin Cecilia
26 mai 2018 09:38

Great location, friendly and professional waiters. Pretty bad the food did not reach the same high standards, it was tasteless, we couldn't eat it. Maybe the chef should double check and correct that.
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