Gallo Nero

Dorobanților 239, Aviatorilor, București
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Gabriel Florea
31 martie 2019 15:31

Nice place. Good food
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Hana Vukovic
13 martie 2019 23:19

Excellent pizza! True Italian taste!
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Vlad Alexandru Sindrestean
9 martie 2019 23:54

Great service and great food.
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Tudor Sinchevici
9 iulie 2018 22:17

Had a short visit today. The pizza is yummy as always. Though, the prices are too spicy for what they offer. For example, 10ron for a cup of tea. Not some tasty special infused tea Carl, but a half full cup of boiled water and a tea bag :) Thought I was kinda robbed.
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Oana Blindu
22 decembrie 2018 00:35

Bad food - i had a risotto that almost broke my teeth, the soup was from yesterday (fact confirmed by the waiter) and the cheesecake was frozen (like with ice in it)
Bad service - waited 20 min for someone to notice me and bring a menu and the place was not even half full, told me 20 min after i ordered hot chocolate that they don't have anymore, my check still had the hot chocolate on it and an extra something i did not order
High prices - if the price is high and the service and food are good, i'm for sure ok with that but considering al of the above, the price is way to high!
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