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Academiei 39-41, Universitate, București
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Aţi visat vreodată la un ospăţ în care relaxarea și buna dispoziţie sunt mai presus de falsele reguli de etichetă? La un loc cu totul deosebit, rupt de realitatea cotidiană, în care bucatele alese sunt pe săturate, iar parfumul medieval al locului vă face să vreţi să vă infruptati cu mâna, acesta fiind singurul mod în care puteţi savura cu adevărat preparatele culinare regești? Restaurantul Excalibur este singurul loc din București unde fripturile suculente, plăcintele gustoase și vinurile vechi sunt servite în porţii generoase, ca pe vremea regelui Arthur, de cavaleri și domniţe pentru care cinstea și onoarea sunt mai presus de orice. Vă așteptăm să ne treceţi pragul pentru o experienţă medievală deosebită!

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T Toma
10 martie 2018 19:27 Rezervat în data de 10 martie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Amazing experience, with good food and nice service.
I really recommend this restaurant to amyone that wants a good place to eat good and not expensive. The music is not loud, the atmosfere is good... two thumbs up Excalibur!

S Sandra
27 septembrie 2016 14:44 Rezervat în data de 22 septembrie 2016 prin ialoc.ro

Recomand Excalibur pentru atmosfera minunata pe care o intalnesti acolo, intretinuta de personalul restaurantului medieval si muzica de pe fundal ce se potriveste atat de bine.
Mancarea este exceptionala, am incercat pana acum platourile pentru 2 persoane (MI-NU-NA-TE) si Sabia Excalibur. Niciun repros, mancarea este foarte foarte buna, LIMONADA super gustoasa iar atmosfera de nedescris!
Voi reveni cu mare drag de fiecare data!

C Cerasela
10 mai 2016 20:36 Rezervat în data de 9 mai 2016 prin ialoc.ro

Mancarea buna ca de obicei, ne au asteptat cu masa pregatita, asa cum trebuia avand in vedere ca aveam rezervare. Din pacate nu am avut muzica...nici macar o melodie pe fun dal ca sa evitam sa auzim discutiile de la mesele vecine. Din pacate nu au punctaj maxim pentru ca serviciul desi bun a fost un pic cam lent...Am asteptat ceva sa ne ia comanda si sa ne mai aduca de baut...iar pentru nota i am cautat ca era tarziu si vroiam sa plecam. Vom reveni farà indoiala, dar exista loc de imbunatatiri. Multumim Ialoc

Kristi-lee White
4 aprilie 2018 20:18

Lovely themed restaurant! Great for an eventful evening. All staff are dressed up and menu is reasonably priced.

Menu is very meat based so probably not best for veggies! But still a great themed night out! Great platters so good for large groups.
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Adriana-Ioana Stanciu
7 martie 2018 16:27

Awesome place. Do you like medieval stuff? Are you a fan of royal banquets? Do you fancy eating with your bare hands? Then this is the place for you. Jokes aside, the food is really good, atmosphere really cozy, though they could tone it down a little with the medieval music.The staff is really nice and professional, and all in all is a must have experience in Bucharest.
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Adrian W
18 februarie 2018 15:14

I was very impressed by the theme of this restaurant and the menu. However.... Having waited for almost two hours for food NOT to arrive I had enough. The staff were unapologetic about this and didn't seem to care that customers were waiting to either be served or for their food. If this place had any manner of efficiency about it then I could rate it and comment on the food. The coffee was good though, despite taking 30 minutes to arrive... As though it was extremely busy.
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João Ascenso
30 martie 2018 01:25

It's a really great place to have a meal, specially in a group. The food is hearty and massive, throwing away all finesse in order to give a proper medieval setting. Also surprising good and all in the medieval theme is the beer, great selection, mostly Germanic or barvarian style. Definitely recommend if you are around and are hungry
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Luke Bennett
9 noiembrie 2017 23:39

We went to this place on Halloween as we saw it had good reviews and it was quite central. Never been to a themed restaurant like this before and it was amazing! The atmosphere was great, staff were friendly and in costume, the restaurant had a great medieval feel to it. There wasn’t an amazing choice on the menu which at first weren’t overly impressed and ten we noticed sharing platters, what ever you do order a sharing platter!!! They need to promote them more it was an incredible experience! And for once I let food defeat me. We ordered and was told that we are not allowed to use forks! Funny experience we had a goblet of water to wash our hands with whilst eating it was entertaining and so different! However maybe not ideal for a romantic date! The food came and it was a platter of mixed meats, salad and potatoes for 2 however you could have easily fed 4 it was so big! I have never seen that much food for 2 people! The food was delicious and even came with garlic butter to spread on the meat. All that food, a couple of beers and water came to the equivalent of around 19€ in total!! We were shocked at how cheap this restaurant was for the amount and quality of food we got it was unbelievable.

Fresh and fun experience, good service, great atmosphere, tasty and plentiful food and ridiculously cheap! I would highly recommend and even visit again! I could imagine this place would be amazing for big groups especially stag groups.
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