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Strada Maria Rosetti 49A, Moşilor, București

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Se iau cele peste 900 de etichete din portofoliul nostru si dorinta de a le pune pe toate la dispozitia dumneavoastra, clientii ENOTEK. Un meniu clasic de vinuri ar fi fost o utopie, asa ca am conceput o aplicatie locala, disponibila in wine barul nostru si foarte usor de folosit. Aceasta a fost gandita pentru a va ajuta sa gasiti si sa comandati vinul cel mai potrivit in functie de preferintele dumneavoastra de moment. Aplicatia listeaza vinurile in ordine alfabetica, dar si in functie de culoare, tara de origine, regiune sau producator. In plus, selectia se poate realiza si in functie de ratingurile internationale ale celor mai renumiti critici de vin.

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B Bogdan
4 ianuarie 2018 23:02 Rezervat în data de 4 ianuarie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

O selectie de vinuri preponderent straine, mancarea foarte buna si atmosfera perfecta pentru un winebar. Recomand.

Alex Conu
14 iulie 2018 23:52

Hmmm... somehow mixed feelings about this place. It’s not a bad place by any means, but I can’t say it’s above average by much. The food was OK-ish. Very tasty beef cheek parmentier, bad bread, decent hummus and a goat cheese and paprika bruschetta that was a bit bland. A friend of mine got a dish of cod that I still don’t understand why was sent to the table. We were not charged for that but serving it was a worse decision than just saying they were out of it.
The wines were OK but the story was not there. You just get some wine poured in your glass and you get no info on what’s in that glass. I think the story around the wine is part of a wine bar. The best we got was “A prosecco. From Italy.” Other people, at other tables, were treated a bit different being given the option of tasting the wine before it was served and were even offered a tour of the “cellar”. Well, I asked for the “tour”. And I got it. “We have many types of wine here. From pretty much everywhere. Nice wines.” Add more feeling, hire people that are a bit more passionate and knowledgeable and the place could transform nicely.
I say it again. Not a bad place. Maybe I just had different expectations. Oh, and it’s quite funny to go to a wine bar that has no wine list. This was actually very disappointing.
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Mihai Scortea
8 mai 2018 16:44

Probably the best wine bar in Bucharest, if not in the country. A fantastic range of wines is available, and though liking or disliking wine is a matter of pure taste, all of them are of unquestionable quality, regardless of the price - and there are wines for all pockets. The staff is professional, but above all, passionate. A display area is available and assistance will be provided at all times when choosing the right wine. Although not a large location, it is tastfully decorated, a seating area is provided and also a nice cosy terrace. All this provides for a friendly ambience, perfectly suited to unwind and enjoy a good wine in good company. The food menu is very well thought through, it is dynamic and prices are more than attractive for what you get. Excellent illy coffee is served as well as spirits should you want to go there. Highly recommended.
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Calin Furtunescu
28 octombrie 2017 14:33

Best wine bar in Bucharest. Cosy atmosphere, quiet, brillant place to enjoy some quality time with or without friends. More than 900 high quality wines and fantastic food, enough to make your visit unforgettable. Chapeau!
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Oliver Simionescu
16 mai 2018 21:58

Really great experience!
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Marian R.
22 septembrie 2017 21:31

Great host and awesome wine. Food is quite good as well. Will eat here again and again and again :)
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