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Piața Lahovari 8, Romană, București

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Embassy este un restaurant localizat la adresa Piața Lahovari numărul 8. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 23:00.

La Embassy te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific mediteranean sau internațional sau american.

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D Daniela
29 august 2018 23:03 Rezervat în data de 29 august 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Personalul foarte simpatic, mancarea buna mai putin cartofii de la burger care ar fi putut fi din cei romanesti neinghetati iar bautura f ok. Aperol Spritzul nu avea suficient prosecco. Ce ne-a deranjat insa este muzica prea tare. Este ok sa fie muzica house dar nu este club, oamenii vin acolo sa vorbeaca deci trebuie lasat ca inainte de orele 20 cand volumul era ok.

R Roham
24 iunie 2017 16:51 Rezervat în data de 23 iunie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

I think it's one of the best locations in Romana's square for that kind of people wants to chill! The snacks and drinks are good! I recommend it :)

P Petre
19 iunie 2017 11:28 Rezervat în data de 14 iunie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Dezastruos. Am facut rezervare pentru ora 13:30 si dupa ce am ajuns ni s-a spus ca e bucataria inchisa (am mers acolo pentru pranz). Domnisoara respectiva nu stia cat mai dureaza sa o deschida. Am insistat, ca doar facusem rezervare sa mancam si intr-un tarziu a revenit si ne-a spus ca va dura cel putin 2 ore pana vom primi mancarea. Moment in care am decis sa nu mai calc pe acolo in zona pranzului.

Silviu Dan Tanasie
24 septembrie 2018 08:16

Great atmosphere and serving. Prices are bit higher than in other places in Bucharest, but given the setting and good quality it's actually a pretty good place to eat. Highly recommended for tourists as well. In the weekend evenings it is necessary to make a reservation since the place is packed.
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Simona Serbanescu
18 septembrie 2018 13:53

Good food and wine. Well positioned near Roman Square in Bucharest, close to the metro station and other means of transport. A touch of glam, too. A bit noisy and too crowded on weekends, the private tables in the back don't give the feeling of privacy at all. You have to talk very loudly to the ones at the table.
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smriti kurian
22 august 2018 12:52

Great ambience especially in the evenings and night.. service is good and on point. Food is mostly Italian cuisine and excellent as well.. great for lazy afternoons spent on comfort seating arrangements !
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Steffani Cameron
26 iulie 2018 17:54

Meh. I was really sad when I got my pizza. The cheese was completely covered by meat and mushrooms so it didn’t get brown or caramelized at all. Just not the right flavour. It was a rare event as I left 1/3 of the pizza behind because having it as leftovers was an underwhelming thought. Wine cost for a glass close to what the bottle costs in stores, but most people were drinking cocktails. The patio is nice and they have a retractable roof for blazing hot days or rain. Just beware of the most machines if you bring your laptop. Looks like most people were ordering the crispy chicken strips so I’d go in that direction if I were to return.
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Razvan Turturica
21 iunie 2018 10:56

A very nice place and great prices. The place is looking very nice with a clear modern nice with a lot of plants. The prices are very good for a place that is in the middle of the city. The sandwiches and the burgers are around 20-25 lei and have fries included. The drinks are also decently priced. Try the craby ginger bear or something like that. It has a very nice and interesting taste. I tried a pork sandwich and it was very tasty, but my girlfriend tried the classic burger and the meat had a weird taste. It`s a crowded and full of students all the time so you might wait a bit until your order arrives.
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