Piața Lahovari 8, Romană, București

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Embassy este un restaurant localizat la adresa Piața Lahovari numărul 8. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 23:00.

La Embassy te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific american sau internațional sau mediteranean.

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R Roham
24 iunie 2017 16:51 Rezervat în data de 23 iunie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

I think it's one of the best locations in Romana's square for that kind of people wants to chill! The snacks and drinks are good! I recommend it :)

P Petre
19 iunie 2017 11:28 Rezervat în data de 14 iunie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Dezastruos. Am facut rezervare pentru ora 13:30 si dupa ce am ajuns ni s-a spus ca e bucataria inchisa (am mers acolo pentru pranz). Domnisoara respectiva nu stia cat mai dureaza sa o deschida. Am insistat, ca doar facusem rezervare sa mancam si intr-un tarziu a revenit si ne-a spus ca va dura cel putin 2 ore pana vom primi mancarea. Moment in care am decis sa nu mai calc pe acolo in zona pranzului.

17 noiembrie 2017 00:07

Very nice place for a dinner or just having some drinks. Perfect location to meet with people. I can recommend this a lot!
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Roxana Nasoi
6 septembrie 2017 04:35

Depending on rounds, the waiters are sometimes funny and cool. It's a crowded space, so be sure to be patient. They do warn you that it's going to take a while for food to be ready. Music is great and the whole atmosphere is cozy in the garden. Pretty noizy inside.
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Silviu Niculae
21 noiembrie 2017 00:08

Music is a little bit too loud, but the food is very good. Totally recommended.
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Cristi Pana
4 septembrie 2017 12:00

Really nice place, really good prices for what they offer. There are around 4 Embassy location in Bucharest and another one that's called 18 lounge(at 18th floor with a really nice view over Bucharest and herastrau Park),a high end restaurant from the same owner. You definitely should make a reservation beforehand in all locations. It's usually very crowded. They have really good lemonade, ice tea, pizza, burgers, salads, pasta, crispy strips/Buffalo wings on the cheaper side(up to 30 lei) , but they also have more fancy - expensive stuff like steaks or seafood.
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Andries Danau
24 septembrie 2017 00:07

Best cocktails. Sit at the bar and ask for the barman for a drink of their choice. The best drinks are made that way. #dealerschoice
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