Edgar's Irish Pub

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Edgar Quinet 9, Romană, București

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Edgars Pub este locul ideal pentru a savura cafeaua de dimineata, micul dejun, un pranz delicios si o intalnire de seara, la o bere cu prietenii!

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


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Luca Radaelli
16 mai 2018 21:42

The place is very nice with decent bathrooms and quite spacious. The local however, is not worthy of being an Irish pub: they have little choice of beer for brands and types. We also ate there and although the sandwich (American burger) was quite good, we waited almost an hour to have it despite the place was almost empty. Absolutely rejected the vegan burger! A friend of mine arrived a normal sandwich without meat. Recommended place to make aperitif in the center.
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Radu Musetescu
8 martie 2018 07:41

Not so Irish at all, în my opinion but Ok overall
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Alina Marin
20 februarie 2018 21:49

În the heart of the city, but an intimate atmosphere
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teo anghelus
15 martie 2018 17:23

It's a good place for a beer and some food
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17 februarie 2018 22:47

Great burgers and club sandwiches!
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