E Varză

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Strada Marcel Iancu 10, Moşilor, București

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Cheap but good drinks, free wifi, beautiful garden, live concerts.

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Luni - Joi
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Păreri despre "E Varză"

A Alexandru
31 martie 2018 23:03 Rezervat în data de 31 martie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Un local puțin mai atipic însă personalul cât și atmosfera este destul de relaxanta. Nachos-ul este delicios.

Victor Cozmei
12 septembrie 2018 00:57

A great place for food and drinks. Cool and colourfull interior, with a very hip outdoor seating area and small event room in the back. Very child friendly and with acceptable prices. Nice service, good music and clean restrooms. Highly recommend!
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Anca David
23 septembrie 2018 09:01

Good food, good music and good friends you did not meet yet. Love it!
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Tiberiu Paslaru
23 iunie 2018 14:16

Not a very big place, but the service and offer are decent.
The terrace is quite relaxing, although doesn't offer a nice view, being surrounded by blocks of flats.
Overall, I'd say there is a good place to spend a nice evening, with your friends.
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Anca Florian
18 august 2018 12:09

Very nice and cozy pub with a nice terrace, delicious food and super friendly staff. And not to forget the good music.
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Lars Jørgensen
12 august 2018 08:39

My humble opinion.... This is the' best restaurant/ pub in Bucharest.. the food there is awesome( I have newer taste better burgers and soup elsewhere) and the staff is Very polite there ( NB. everyone can off course speak/ understand English as well)
In the summertime it's not unusual that people spontaneous interact through music outside. Otherwise you can hear music, both outside as well as inside. All on a level so everyone, with respect to the other costumers, can speak nice and easy without shouting to each other. Music everyone can relate to witch make it That more cozy..- with respect for the other guests there course, but I personally have never met a single' one who didn't like it. Apropos, they also have concerts there in another big room. In fact music and especially the good food makes this place unique. Prizes for the special food is not high..
- At E Varza it's also very common that they have happenings. It can be party nights for children as well for growing folks ( Halloween/ Beer festival etc etc) All this above in a very nice atmosphere...- not to forget that there's very clean there to. I think that all above is one of the main reasons that people come back and back again... Please give this fantastic place a visit and I promise you also will be one of them that return again and again
Summa summarum; I can recommend this place Very very much and I can't wait to come back...Chris!
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