E Varză

Strada Marcel Iancu 10, Moșilor, București

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Cheap but good drinks, free wifi, beautiful garden, live concerts.

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Luni - Joi
09:00 - 02:00
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Păreri despre "E Varză"

Petre Birlea
1 noiembrie 2017 23:31

Real pub-like atmoshpere, great choices for beer, fantastic themed parties (I went to a Halloween party and it was awesome). And the people who come to this place seem likeable, and the staff is also a team of very nice people.
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Alex Mihai
19 octombrie 2017 15:41

Fair prices, awesome place to hang out, last but not least, great food.
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Vlad Motoiu
26 septembrie 2017 11:26

A very good place to hangout and drink. Very good music, fair prices
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Paun Mihai
13 octombrie 2017 10:12

A very good place to have hangout with your friends(especially at night) decent prices and great employers.
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Florin Georgescu
1 iunie 2017 07:48

One of the best gardens in the city making you feel like you're in a remote, joyfull hippie place, good prices, live shows from time to time. They don't serve food, yet the bartender can easily help you order something to eat. From the garden, you can also spot an insteresting statue on top of a nearby house.
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