Strada General H. M. Berthelot 111 , Romană, București

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Elegant şi confortabil Dreamer's Pub se găseşte în zona centrală a Bucureştiului. Situat pe strada General Berthelot aproape de intersecţia cu strada Berzei pub-ul este dotat cu un bar generos precum şi locuri la mese organizate în trei zone distincte.

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Marți - Duminică
15:00 - 01:00


Păreri despre "Dreamers"

Stefan Rusu
6 septembrie 2018 12:13

Top place to watch Liverpool games
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Andrei Demeny
28 mai 2018 22:06

I went here for the 2018 UCL final. The place is quite small, there aren't enough TV sets for what is supposed to be a football focused pub (mainly for Liverpool fans). The food is alright and the drinks on the menu are what you'd expect from a place like this (mostly beer). The lighting is quite poor as well. The staff is friendly but food serving can take upwards of 30 minutes (even for a burger or a sandwich).

It's not a place you should avoid but there are many better choices around the city.
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Radu Dascalescu
19 septembrie 2018 16:00

great staff but a little bit too expensive and the terrace seemed off-hand
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Alex Done
26 august 2018 10:23

Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere
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Kel Barna
17 octombrie 2018 20:43

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