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Căminului 11, Obor, București

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La Restaurant Davvero ai cele mai mari sanse sa mănanci dintre cele mai gustoase experienţe culinare ale Italiei.

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Ciprian Doroftei
25 iunie 2018 22:34

Good atmosphere and service. The food was delicious.
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Alina T
16 iunie 2018 08:08

Very nice staff, cosy, clean location and diverse, good food! I go there several times every week and I recommend it for normal, usual people (not too classy)
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Filipov Sergiu
2 martie 2018 07:40

Great food. Nice location. Me and my friends we go to Davvero every week.
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Razvan Constantinescu
18 aprilie 2018 14:51

Pizza is bad. Rest of food is average at best. Waiting time too long. Average service. Used to be good but not anymore.
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Liam Cross
15 aprilie 2018 19:06

The rudest wait staff. We tried to leave a reservation, and the waiter refused, instead told us we could "try our luck" and that beyond that "I can't help you." The whole place stinks of cigarettes, and people leave their bikes strewn around the courtyard. Avoid!!
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