Club Art Papillon

Matei Voievod 66A, Mihai Bravu - Mătăsari, București

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Va asteptam sa mancati ca la mama acasa! Cu bucatarie traditionala romaneasca dar si cu preparate italienesti precum pizza si paste. Bucataria noastra este deschisa zilnic pana la ora 1.00! va asteptam cu drag

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Tiberiu Paslaru
23 mai 2018 12:57

A very cozy pub, and restaurant, with good pizza, and cheap beer (and wine). Just across the street from the University of theater
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Dorel Happy
8 aprilie 2018 11:30

good food. tables were sticky (there were 4-5 tables occupied so not too busy to wipe them)
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Alexandru Ene
14 februarie 2018 17:00

awesome experience as allways. highly recommend "papanasi"
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Victor Vasile
7 martie 2018 01:36

Private bar behind the bar. Hidden perks for the ones who venture out there. Go and find out what is it all about.
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Sorin Coman
6 septembrie 2017 20:46

Nice place with a wide and offering menu at good prices. I totally recommend this location.
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