Club Art Papillon

Matei Voievod 66A, Mihai Bravu - Mătăsari, București
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Va asteptam sa mancati ca la mama acasa! Cu bucatarie traditionala romaneasca dar si cu preparate italienesti precum pizza si paste. Bucataria noastra este deschisa zilnic pana la ora 1.00! va asteptam cu drag

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Sorin Coman
6 septembrie 2017 20:46

Nice place with a wide and offering menu at good prices. I totally recommend this location.
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Irina Stefan
19 octombrie 2017 16:57

Nice place, good food, good prices. Non stop
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Cristi D.
10 decembrie 2016 15:47

Basic and unpretentious place frequented by the nearby film Academy students, so you might have here some exquisite company. Extremely low prices, extensive menu and decent quality for food. For a better experience sit in the old house in the back,
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Robert Antoniu
26 ianuarie 2017 17:48

I gladly recommend for a night out with friends. Great food with cheap drinks. The service was allways great too.
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Ella Moroiu
12 februarie 2017 15:37

Best place for breakfast, lunch and (late) dinner in the area in the last 20 years or more.
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