Cuptorul cu Lemne

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Bulevardul Pache Protopopescu 65, Mihai Bravu - Mătăsari, București

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Andreea G
12 iulie 2018 14:09

Best pizza there is. Delicious drinks. Loads of choices of food❤️. Friendly staff, clean bath, accessible prices. Overall, amazing place❤️❤️
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Loredana E.
17 iulie 2018 20:24

The food was good and the service was ok. It wasn't very crowded (5pm, Sunday)but it's always better to make a reservation. Very good price vs quality ratio.
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Denisa Neacsu
2 mai 2018 20:50

The food is a bit expensive, just like every other restaurant. I personally only ate pasta here but I can't say I liked it. The sauce had too much water in it so the pasta was almost a soup. On the other side, the plate looked really nice and the serving was fast.
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Mircea Munteanu
13 august 2018 00:39

Loved it. A class service, and the food was good.
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Andrea Melkuhn
10 ianuarie 2018 16:42

This is a very crowded restaurant in Bucharest. Me and my friend just popped in ,and it was full. The waiters told us to wait outside at the smoking area,where were tables too. So,we waited because it is very hard to find something free in Bucharest on Friday evening without a reservation, I should say it is almost impossible. Brrr,it was cold outside in December,but in 15 minutes we were sitting on our table. I ate a deer which was a bit stringy and ordered a beer. I was a bit sorry to eat Bambi, and I won't again.( This was the second time I tried the deer,but it's meat is too sweet for me).The service was good enough,and the ambiance as well,the music too. The only thing bothered me it was the tables were too close to each other. So,if you want some privacy ,than go somewhere else.
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