Cuptorul cu Lemne

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Bulevardul Pache Protopopescu 65, Iancului, București

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25 ianuarie 2019 15:48

I recommend the sausage with bacon. Although it feels more like a sharing platter than a meal! The "fasolea scazuta" is really tasty and I highly recommend trying that. The prices are great especially when it comes to the portion size and how nice the food is. Try the Silva Black. I love that beer
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26 august 2018 11:07

I don’t really know how to start...
First of all I need to mention the kind staff and the service, it was really top class.
Secondly, the food was exceptional and is very low priced, in Romania is very rare to find something ‘as a meal’, usually we need to order the main dish with the sides and salad. As you can see from my picture this was not needed, once I ordered the grilled chicken breast it came with cheesy potatoes, grilled vegetables and a bit of salad.

Simply awesome, I cannot wait to return and enjoy other dishes as well. I hope you will enjoy this restaurant as much as I did.
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Cristina Dediu
12 ianuarie 2019 21:35

Very good food, the place is mind of small and you should make a rezervation to be sure you find a table.
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Arthur Rosenfeld
9 februarie 2019 22:08

Good pizza, old place good to meet old.friends
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Gabriel Andrei
17 decembrie 2018 21:26

Fast service, great value for great food, always a comeback!
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