Cuptorul cu Lemne

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Bulevardul Pache Protopopescu 65, Iancului, București

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Serafino Tudorovici
21 aprilie 2019 19:57

Huge portions, with a very good selection of both traditional and modern dishes. 5 stars for the food. The beverages are average (cocktails), but they compensate with the desserts. The service is a bit late, but nothing too bad. Overall 4.5 stars
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Angela Nasulea
17 aprilie 2019 11:19

I enjoyed the place very much. Friendly staff and the food was really nice! Very important as well, the prices were reasonable. No parking space available, but you can park on one of the little side streets.
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elena serban
31 martie 2019 22:14

Mediocre food, good prices but very bad services. You have to wait a lot.
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Gaby Popescu
23 aprilie 2019 14:40

Nice location, for every taste. Excellent food, no matter what you choose.
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Oana-Raluca Pasare
5 mai 2019 09:56

Great food with greay prices amd nice staff
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