Cocoșu Roșu

4,4 / 25 voturi
Mărgelelor 61-63, Militari, București

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Preparate culinare deosebite, o atmosferă placută, decoruri rustice și servire ireproșabilă.

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I Ionel
7 ianuarie 2019 21:02 Rezervat în data de 7 ianuarie 2019 prin

Fasole cu ciolan . vin alb la carafa. merita incercat . atmosfera excelenta

M Mariana
15 octombrie 2018 21:04 Rezervat în data de 15 octombrie 2018 prin

Foarte plăcută, multumesc!Recomand pomana porcului si papanasii. Servirea excelentă.

L Liviu
17 iunie 2018 16:03 Rezervat în data de 16 iunie 2018 prin

Felicitari !!!...un exemplu demn de urmat ! De cel putin 10 ani frecventam localul Dvs...Evolutia are la baza si constituie, un exemplu de munca, seriozitate si nu in ultimul rand, grija si respectul pentru client, de altfel regula de baza in orice domeniu.

Totul este facut cu "bun gust" si mai ales cu BUN GUST !!!!!

Stefan Grigoriu
11 martie 2019 21:05

Had a wonderful time there. We had a reservation inside, but it was really nice outside and the staff was really friendly and let us move on the terrace. The food was terrific and I really can't say anything bad about it. Everything tasted homemade which was awesome! I highly recommend it for someone wanting a nice and relaxing outing accompanied by very good food.
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Nicu Plai
28 martie 2019 18:06

Nice, warm and quiet place. Big terrace with relaxing chairs. Professional staff.
Good food and not everything from menu available.
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Mike Lidvall
30 martie 2019 16:04

Relaxing, friendly, good food. Good prices.Nice garden setting. Parking issue if busy.
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Adelina Manea
10 februarie 2019 21:00

Good food (nothing special), but serving is not at the same level. Many times the waiters forgot to bring us some things we ordered. Last time she included the forgotten food in our invoice and she also 'forgot' to bring the rest (more then 10% and however we hadn't told her to keep the rest). She remembered immediately when I called her, but she hadn't had the intention to give it us.
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S Cristian
26 noiembrie 2018 10:20

Large selection of food and drinks. Tasty food. Plenty space to sit.
Nice staff. Decent prices.
Not very central. It can be very busy on weekends.
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