Cocoșu Roșu

Mărgelelor 61-63, Militari, București

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Preparate culinare deosebite, o atmosferă placută, decoruri rustice și servire ireproșabilă.

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Dan-Mihai Dorobantu
7 august 2017 08:07

Very good traditional restaurant with a modern twist. Cozy outside seating, daily live music, goos food, good prices. Great for events.
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Octavian Liviu Dincan
13 iunie 2017 18:28

The food in this place is absolutely amazing. It has live Romanian music and also international music when the band is not playing. Staff is very friendly and the prices are fare.
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Theodor Stanescu
16 iunie 2017 15:57

Nice evening in this restaurant. Good food, but nothing to excited about. Crowded on Friday evening.
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bob moss
4 iulie 2017 14:28

Overpriced, and bad service
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sean Brookes
25 noiembrie 2016 10:53

The place to eat if you love traditional food! Tasty, great quality meats in a cool ambience and with great service. The whole place feels welcoming, staff are just the right kind of friendly. Will come back again ... for sure!
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