Club Surubelnita

Calea Moșilor 100, Centrul vechi, București

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Va oferim un loc prietenos, cu muzica buna si oameni deschisi. Bauturi premium la preturi decente, cafea de cea mai buna calitate si oferte speciale la cafea, bere si vin pentru studenti si membri.

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Păreri despre "Club Surubelnita"

Abbuss Garcia
5 decembrie 2018 19:15

24th Of November 2018.
Had my most rude experience in a long while!
My friends where are gathered and after a nice evening at Macaz we wanted to move to Surubelnita, i have been there so many times even before they renovated and always liked the place, but never have this happened to me before.

This last time about two weeks ago was the worst, as i was walking towards the entrance a slim tall blond guy in a hoody asked me in Romania if i had a reservation.
From that moment i realized that was not true and continued to enter, when he then grabbed my jacket and through me backwards.
Shocked by what just had Happened my Romanian friend in the back tried to talk calmly and ask what was the problem.
The guy quoted "we have the right to select our costumers" and we weren't even sure if this was a door guard or just a friend of the security guard, Letting everyone except me in.
With no clear reason why i of all should not be allowed in, while watching everybody else walking in with no questions asked.

As a result, i had to get my Friends group of 6 out and find another place, which is sad knowing that we had been to Surubelnita many times before and enjoyed it very much.
i Hope nobody else will get to encounter this person again, Sadly i have no Photo of this guy to pin point him, but this needed to be noted down.
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Ionuț Paraschiv
16 mai 2018 18:10

Good place to have a cheap beer. Lots of teenagers and young people. They usually play rock music, and you can dance.
On the other side, the music is usually so loud that you can´t hear what people you´re sitting next to you are saying even if they´re screaming it out loud.
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Victor Predescu
16 aprilie 2018 13:18

Great place for having a good time. Good music and good prices!
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Raluca Paraschiv
16 martie 2018 17:40

Amazing rock music, very good prices, super friendly people. Great for an inexpensive night out with some friends.
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Vlad Stefanescu
19 aprilie 2018 01:17

One of the best rock bars in Bucharest. Great atmosphere and lots of cool people.
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