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Calea Dorobanti 73, Victoriei, București

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Cauti un loc bun unde sa mananci o ciorba buna si sa pleci repede ? Sau vrei o ciorba sa o mananci acasa ? Ciorbaria este locul ideal pentru asta. La noi sau acasa , ciorba este la fel de buna. Va punem la dispozitie aproximativ 8 feluri diferite de ciorbe/supe in fiecare zi. Avem 4 feluri de baza pe care le puteti gasi in fiecare zi : Ciorba de burta , Supa vita gulas , Ciorba de perisoare si Ciorba de fasole. Toate retele noastre sunt interpretate de chef Dragos Tudoran. In meniul nostru se pot gasi cateva retete speciale : Ciorba de rata , Ciorba de stevie cu afumatura,Ciorba de varza cu ou,Ciorba de peste etc.

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 22:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
12:00 - 21:00


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A Alex
15 octombrie 2017 18:35 Rezervat în data de 15 octombrie 2017 prin

Ciorbele foarte bune. Ar fi putut fi purin ma icalde. O experienta ok. Recomand

kosta bk
5 noiembrie 2018 15:40

Interesting concept. The food was delicious and consistent. There are not too many tables and chairs to eat, compared to the number of persons that would like to sit.
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Silviu Dan Tanasie
25 octombrie 2018 21:33

The best soup in town. It's not cheap , but it's not expensive either. The sandwiches weren't that good, but you should go there for the soup anyway. Will definitely come here again.
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Laura I
10 septembrie 2018 08:59

First of all, this is the best location they have because you have more space. The gulas soup is the best( but also very spicy), the bread is also very good and the service was nice and fast. The people working there were very friendly. The soup was not so hot, but not cold either which I found perfect. I would recomment going here! And also the portion is huge, it’s like a full meal.
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Tiberiu Cazacioc
30 noiembrie 2018 14:52

A warm & cozy olace offering a whole line of Romanian staple - ciorba. Here you should go to eat and enjoy Romanian soups.
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Patricia Iacob
13 septembrie 2018 19:32

Extremely salty soups (probably because they might add powdered stock, which normally makes me horribly thirsty), only one vegetarian option out of so many soups, not to mention the very poor service. I was basically rushed at my table, without a single smile or answer to my thanks and so on. Deceiving. BUT for those meat eaters, loving hearty soups and not minding the high salt intake, the place will be a gem. Cheap and filling.
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