Chez Marie [închis permanent]

Dionisie Lupu 48, Romană, București

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Chez Marie nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Chez Marie este un restaurant localizat la adresa Dionisie Lupu numărul 48. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 23:00.

La Chez Marie te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific internațional sau american.

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29 iulie 2018 15:59

Extremely delicious food with very welcoming staff!
We tried many dishes here and they were all very good. As someone already mentioned, their prices are very decent for the overall quality of food and services.
Highly recommended!
P.S. Only one small detail. The silverware is not covered in napkins, but instead placed directly on the table. This is a very small details which many may not even notice... we are just a bit of hygene freaks :)
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Dragos Stefanescu
24 iulie 2018 15:19

Amazing food and service. The price of the food is decent for the quality. We had grilled seafood (some of the best seafood i’ve ever had) with roasted potatoes (definitely try the new potatoes with herbs).

We had a misunderstanding with the waiter in terms of what we ordered, which can happen to anyone, but the serving was excellent and they even offered us free dessert to “make up for it” (even though the misunderstanding was on both sides).

(The seafood ended up being better than the fish we originally wanted to order haha)

Nothing but great words for this place, highly recommend it !!!
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Ana Grozea
25 iulie 2018 20:56

Nice place. The signature burger is amazing! With duck meat 😄
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Irina Cristache
17 iunie 2018 16:47

Came here for the lunch menu which was 22 lei. Had beef sour soup and meat balls with mashed potatoes, both very good. Colleague got mutton pastrami with polenta which was also extremely good. Nenea Iancu weizen beer was 12 lei and served in frozen glass. The waiter was pleasant and funny, the service was fast. Place is very central and nicely decorated with a covered terrace outside. I checked the menu and have a lot of special dishes with prices bit higher than average.
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Cristian Tomescu
20 mai 2018 22:43

Great food, high quality, very friendly and professional staff. The prices are according with quality. For sure a place where you want to come back.
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