Casa Oamenilor de Știință

Piața Lahovari 9, Romană, București

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Ca parte a patrimoniului Academiei Române, Casa Oamenilor de Știință găzduiește în mod tradițional reuniunile oamenilor de știință români și străini, atât pentru conferințe, simpozioane, mese rotunde, expoziții cât și diverse aniversări.

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Miquel de Wit
25 octombrie 2017 11:19

Very beautiful house, garden and location. But unfortunately the restaurant is not good, terrible food from freezer, not fresh and doesn't resemble the price you have to pay for it. It seems that the restaurant didn't developed in bad!
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Ovidiu Prundeanu
28 ianuarie 2018 16:20

Outstanding historical house. Waitresses are a bit rude, food is average
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Radu Musetescu
5 februarie 2018 22:18

Cheap, tasty, not big diversity, excellent location, outdoor garden
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Dan Pogangeanu
4 noiembrie 2017 15:54

quite large, indeed parking place and an architecture building of a very nice, confortable one. Restaurant very good too
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Alexandra Popescu
12 iulie 2017 15:38

A beautiful place which has a fascinating garden and a few tables within and parking area inside the yard. Very affordable and the service is great! Food is not delicious, but not bad either. I think common is the best word to describe the food, but the garden is worth it all.
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